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Our Males

INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION KEEPER VON HOFFNUNG RN, CD, BH, H.O.T.Handler owned, trained, and titled, is the magnificent puppy we kept out of Cardinal and Kindra.  Not only does Keeper represent some of our favorite dogs in his pedigree, but he is earning renown in his own right as he soars through Performance titles.  He’s a Keeper!  Keeper’s coloring and coat type is Black and Red, long coat.

INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION ROHAN VON HOFFNUNG RN, CGC German SV A-stamped A-1 certified for hips and elbows, is the son of our beloved Jake (International Jake vom Kanas CD, BH, RN, JJ-N).  Typical of Jake’s offspring Rohan (Ro-Hann) is a pro at obedience, a protector, and a loving companion. Rohan represents a return to our long coat red sable German Shepherds reminiscent of his uncle, our renowned dog, Max (Int’CH Argus Maximus Von Hoffnung SAR Dog).  Rohan’s coloring  and coat type are Red Sable, long coat.

INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION VALIANT VOM KISTHA HAUS BH CD RN RA H.O.T. encapsulates our goal of a dog a burglar will run from, but a child can hug.  He is a big tough boy with a calm inner center. He is actually a very caring dog. Yet, at the same time he is quite the intimidating protector. Valiant is currently being trained in IPO. Valiant’s coat coloring and type is Black Sable, standard coat.

Gone But Not Forgotten: Past Males, “Faithful and True”