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Holly, Valiant x Moxie 2019
A boy and his dog, Holly

His mom writes, “I can’t even imagine how happy it must make you to see all of the puppies that you have brought into this world to make so many families complete! It really must be such a wonderful feeling!I have said this before and I’m sure I am not the only one…she is the best thing that has happened to our family. We truly had no idea just how wonderful it would be when we decided to let (our son) have his own pup. I’m so grateful that we found you ❤

I have been so lucky to have two Candle Hill Shepherds in my life. Our first one, Maxie, has gone to the rainbow bridge. I have never seen a dog that loved all dogs and all people like Maxie did. Our entire neighborhood was in love with her from the moment they met her as a puppy. She experienced life with such joy. Her favorite thing was hiking on trails with us. Our neighbors grieved with us when she left for the rainbow bridge, three weeks from reaching age 12.Our precious Skye will be 12 in December. She is loved by our family and extended family. She is more reserved, but will be your friend forever if you sit on our couch and give her a treat. She also loves hikes and chasing balls. I can not imagine life without a Candle Hill Shepherd.

Sara Russell

Hinter at the antler arch in Jackson Hole.

September 1, 2017 Theresa from Oregon wrote:

Hi Elizabeth,

I wanted to send you an update on blue collar puppy, who we have named Hinter, short for Hinterland. He did absolutely amazing on the road, never cried or whined the first night or any night there after. He treated the truck like a den and we never had any accidents and he let us know if he was coming to the end of his bladder’s limits. He is very sweet and a nice balance of affectionate but independent. He bonded instantly to me and we will have to work to make sure he doesn’t develop separation anxiety. He is incredibly smart and you obviously put a lot of work into the puppies before they ever went to their new homes, as his automatic sitting and constantly “looking” was solid from the start. He’s getting the hang of down, touch, coming when called by his name as well as wait. We don’t want to overload his little brain but he’s picking things up so quickly that we’ve just added new commands as we think he grasps the older ones.

I have to admit that I was struggling with the price of the puppy, justifying it to myself for spending so much. I see now though that part of what we paid for was a puppy who came to us with a great handle already on keeping his quarters clean and looking to his owners for direction and attention. It was worth it.


On December 30, 2016, MJ wrote:

“We could not be happier for our Josie. Thank you for trusting us and allowing us to experience such a loving and happy addition to our family. Josie has completed 4 levels of good manners at our local dog club. She loves beginning agility, climbs readily on the large peanut, will put all four feet on the “spot”, goes up the teeter totter without a care, knows how to back up and accomplishes this with a smile on her face the whole time. She has mastered many tricks and she loves targeting. She is with us 24-7 except for excursions to doggy day care where she is gentle to the small ones and obeys the elders with respect. Everyone is impressed with her kind heart as well as her looks. Our Vet is a GS fellow and his Jessa knows when Josie is at the office, & comes to greet Josie in the exam room. Dr Grossman actually invites Josie for play time with Jessa. The entire staff is in love with Josie. Thank you for the time and energy you spend in your breeding program…

Have a great 2017!

Love from us all, MJ, Cokie and Josie Sothoron”


On December 23, 2016, Amy wrote:

“Hi Elizabeth,

We went to the outdoor mall called The Grove – so I could go do a little shoe shopping at Nordstrom. It (happily) took us 40 minutes to get 50 feet! 🙂

Btw, out walking Finley yesterday, a woman pulled over in her car and got out to ask me where I got her and take all your information – in case you get a call from a lady in Hollywood.

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!

Nordstrom_with_dogs_1 Nordstrom_with_dogs_2 Nordstrom_with_dogs_3

Nordstrom_with_dogs_4 Nordstrom_with_dogs_5 Nordstrom_with_dogs_6

XO Amy & Finley


On December 19, 2016, Michael wrote:

“Hi Elizabeth,

Just wishing you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Letting you see how our dogs Mickey and Livy have grown up. Mickey is the one looking at the camera. They are so precious.”

BeforeDec 19_2016(1)

After 2 years later

Dec 19_2016(2)



On December 13, 2016 Kasey wrote:

“Dear Elizabeth,

The first thing I need to do is apologize for not keeping in touch and letting you know how Trace is doing… Trace is doing great. She is everything I could have hoped for in a dog for Gary. She has a very loving personality and is almost “passive” in her desire to please. She is totally devoted to Gary. In fact, you had said Trace wanted to be a house dog. I beg to differ. Trace wants to be a personal companion dog. If Gary is in the house Trace is happily by his side. But if he goes outside to do something (take out the trash, bring in wood, etc.) she waits at the back door until he comes back. Even if I’m in the living room she won’t come in there and lie down. She’s going to wait for Gary to come back…Trace is more alert to her surroundings than Kindra but she is not nervous or anxious in any way… As I said earlier, Trace thinks she needs to be right by Gary’s side. Although, in the living room she has learned she can actually lie as much as six feet away and still live! … She’s a sweet dog and Gary and I are happy with her. More important, Trace obviously is happy.

Now on to Kindra… She is lying beside me as I type… I couldn’t love her more. It’s so hard to go off and leave her. I love going to church but there is that little “hurt” at leaving her. And then as I back out of the carport and turn to go down the driveway I can see her looking out the window at the car as if she can’t believe I left her. And I’m sure she’s whining. Our good friends invited us over for their belated Thanksgiving meal on December 9th. They had said to bring the dogs and they meant it because they know how I feel. But I didn’t want Kindra and Trace shedding in their house. But that two and a half hours without Kindra at my side was hard.

Merry Christmas,



On December 10th, 2016, Karen wrote:

“Hi Elizabeth and Michael,…

Here is Maya (Keeper/Brink) now 6 months of age. She’s a wonderful puppy! Happy, healthy and full of life, she is our Good Will Ambassador, greeting both people and other dogs with friendly enthusiasm. Sometimes she’s a bit too enthusiastic, but we are working on that. I wanted to tell you that you were right! You told me that if I put in the extra time and effort working with her when she was young that she’d grow up to be a great companion…. And she’s still so young. I can’t wait to see what she’s like at one year, and as a young adult. So thank you! For this beautiful breeding and for the extra support when I needed it. We are blessed to have her in our lives.”


On December 7th, 2016, Catherine wrote:

“Willow continues to grow into a sweet happy girl. She has a beautiful disposition and loves her kids. She’s just short of 10 months in this picture and now weighs 57 pounds…We love her tons.”

Dec 7_2016(1)


On December 4th, 2016, Ann wrote:

“Hello Elizabeth,

Here is our yearly update starting with exciting news. Kimba got her NW2 title on Friday. Dec 4_2016(2) We have had a hard time getting in to trials so this was our first attempt at this level. She took third place overall and a third in interiors. She was so confident and excited to be there and work. Loving the fun we are having together in Nosework. I’ve attached a couple of pictures of us with her ribbons. Hopefully I’llbe able to send some from the actual trial when I get them. Apart from this news Kimba is doing very well, healthy and happy. We’ve been doing a little barn hunt and she is at the Master level. We hardly ever trial so she’s done really well and with no training, her natural instinct to hunt is strong so she’s a natural. I hope all is well with you. Enjoy watching the new puppies come up – all so adorable.Dec 4_2016(1)

Happy Holidays,

Ann & Kimba”


On November 30th, 2016, Bonnie wrote:

“We had a professional photographer contact us and take pictures (for free!!) and build a calendar for us as a fund raiser for our SAR dog group. I thought you would enjoy this one of Sabre, as it is my favorite. Nov 30_2016(1)He is also on the cover of the calendar (a different photo). Sabre strongly passed his Cadaver 1 certification in October. We are planning for our Cad 2 certification next spring, and will go for our Level 1 tracking /trailing then as well. He continues to work hard and challenge me with his busy nature! He is brave, confident, yet highly social to both people and other dogs. He remains intense, always wanting to do the job right and focus’s intently when he observes something new (watching Craig skin and trim his deer, watching Gator do something, watching the horses, learninga new trick or activity, etc)…He is always with me, happy, and likes to be in contact. He adores Gator, and they play frequently, although extremely competitive with work. He weighs 75 pounds, and aside from filling out more, I think he is done growing. He gets compliments wherever we go, always. Some of my SAR folks keep trying to steal him – I have to keep a close eye on them!! Wishing you all a Happy Holiday season!

Bonnie, Sabre and Gator too”


On November 21st, 2016, Casey wrote:

“We went with Koda after all! It was a tossup between Koda and Lena, and I couldn’t help it. I just loved the name too much. She’s doing so well!! She’s so laid back and happy – ALL THE TIME! We went to our first puppy socialization class last Sunday. She was such a social butterfly. She loved running around and getting the other little guys to engage with her. I’m so proud!!… I’ve attached a couple pictures of her. The brown crescent moon under her face

is turning more orange. She’s looking more like Bristol every day. Everyone comments on how beautiful she is when we go out. I couldn’t agree more! I hope you and the rest of your family are doing well! Enjoy the weather!!!” Nov 21_2016(1)Nov 21_2016(2)


On November 21st, 2016, Jennifer wrote:

“Hi Elizabeth!

I know you probably hear this all the time but…WOW!!! I am just so amazed at our little girl, Nova. At meal times we have been working on sit, down, come/heel, and watch me since we brought her home and she has learned so fast! She sits reliably even without a treat and just today she started doing down without any coaxing from us. She looks at my eyes when I say watch me and when I stop she almost automatically sits. It’s all just amazing to me since I haven’t really had any experience with a motivated, driven dog. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that she is wonderful. :)”


On October 19th, 2016, Julia wrote:

“Hi Elizabeth!!

I wanted to send you a picture of our little Czar Czar! He has Tony and I wrapped around his paw! And we wouldn’t have it any other way. ? We love him so much!!!

Hope you are doing well!!!”

Oct 19_2016(5)


On October 19th, 2016, Molly wrote about Daegus:

“He goes to the barn with me almost everyday, loves every person/dog/cat/horse he meets. He’s also a service dog in training so he goes on little outings with me every once in a while to get groceries and run errands, and practice meeting strangers and sitting quietly at restaurants. Daegus is the smartest dog we’ve ever had and he is the sweetest thing. I have yet to find anything that he is afraid or wary of and he is confident about absolutely anything as long as I’m by his side. He is my best buddy already and we can’t wait to further our medical assistance service training and learn more about obedience and agility competitions for the future! Daegus loves to work and loves to love!”

Oct 19_2016(2)  Oct 19_2016(1)

He comes to work with me at the barn almost everyday and plays with his best friend Arlo (the barn manager’s 6 month old pup!)

Oct 19_2016(3)

Today at about 4.5 months old Daegus weighs 40 lbs!Oct 19_2016(4)


On October 17, 2016, Stan wrote:

“Here’s a recent picture of our girl Lola! She’s an absolutely amazing dog that has fit in so well with our family. Thank you so much for the great match. She’s a true rock star everywhere we take her!”

Oct 17_2016(1)  Oct 17_2016(2)


On October 13, 2016, Pat wrote:

“Greetings from Texas!!!

My dear Elizabeth – Oct 13_2016(1)just wanted to forward you a very happy picture of the girls and myself shopping at our local flea market this past Saturday. A very nice friend took this shot and I just knew I had to let you see it. We are always mobbed at the flea market by people who can’t take their eyes or hands off the girls. Of course, the girls love it. All the vendors know them and have water and treats for them. They are welcome in the antique/gift store that sponsors the event with open arms. There are wonderful cold cement floors there and the girls, especially Clue, love to lay on them. Some customers are surprised to see them “shopping” indoors until they see the warm welcome they receive from the owner and her employees.

Quinn is close to me and Clue is on the outside.

Can you believe that Clue is 11 ó years old???… People tell me what wonderfully behaved dogs they are.”


On September 29th, 2016, Renee wrote:

“Hi Elizabeth,

Update on Hachi. He is still the most wonderful dog ever. He just got MACH 2 on September 11. He has 10 doubles towards MACH 3. He got his MJC last weekend. At one point this year he was the #5 GSD in agility. We didn’t trial through the summer so we dropped. We qualified and attended the AKC Agility Nationals in Tulsa in April but I was a nervous wreck so we didn’t do too well. Got a ribbon and that was good enough. We are going to Purina Farms for the GSDCA Nationals on October 10. He is in the top 20 so that is a good reason to justify going. …A lot of people aren’t real fond of German shepherds and most of it is a fear issue but anyone that has met Hachi, loves him. He is the sweetest, lovable dog ever….He loves apillons. Can pick them out across the room. He lays down when he approaches them and actually has a couple of “friends” that he looks for at trials. He is just one in a million. I guess you know who he took after, Max or Wessa, but they had to be an amazing dog too. We have qualified for the Nationals already for 2017 in Perry GA but not sure we will go. Actually can’t afford to many of these trips. I’ll send pictures of Hachi and I’ll let you know how we do in the Top 20 at Purina….


Sep 29_2016(2)

Sep 29_2016(1)


On September 7th, 2016, Deborah wrote:

“Hi Elizabeth,

Solomon we love so much…Sep 7_2016(1)And to let you know we have found his protection instinct is quick as lightening. We were at Home Depot and they have their Halloween displays up with all these life size, animated ghouls and goblins. I was checking them out with Randy and Solomon and just for fun let out a little small scream, Well Solomon attacked the ghoul faster than I could have believed possible. No barking, no growling just a full mouth launch into the thing, and it took Randy everything he had to pull him off. Solomon had seemed about as bored as could be before I let out that small scream. We kind of left in a hurry. Figured $600 worth of paint was enough spending there for the day. -:). It is good to know that he can be that quickly triggered though, so we know to not be stupid with him.

So here is Randy and Solomon on our mountain this Monday the 5th. As you can see, and as everyone who sees Solomon says “he is “so pretty”.




On September 2nd, 2016, Bob wrote:Sep 2_2016(1)

“Tomorrow is Mercy’s 6th birthday! Hard to believe that this much time has gone by with the most wonderful canine companion I have been blessed in my 59 years of German Shepherd ownership. (As you know Sylvie is 20 years younger thus I said “my”.) So here is Oh Mercy at six. Do you think we are keeping her in good shape? Friends on Facebook where we posted this photograph of the three of us hiking on our property asked us if she is made of porcelain due to her magnificent physique!

Many thanks,

Bob, Sylvie, and Oh Mercy”


On August 26th, 2016, Mark wrote:


In the fall of 2013 we lost our rescue dog Geronimo and our collie Cheyenne to hip dysplasia.

Aug 26_2016(1)

After much research we chose the German Shepard breed, which led us to Candle Hill Shepherds. Cardinal stood out as a majestic male and we knew we wanted a puppy from him to join our family. It so happened that they had bred Cardinal with Mokka. So on April 16, 2014 we left our home in Western Montana on a journey to pick up Montana’s Sparkling Red Reba.

Reba is everything and more we wanted in a dog. Her ability to communicate, or talk dog to us, is inconceivable. She will sit and woof until we begin to ask questions. Do you want a bone; do you want to go outside; do you want a treat, do you want to go out on the deck? If we ask correct question she licks her lips telling us yes and that is the answer. So the question is who is training who?Aug 26_2016(2)

We live in the country, on 35 acres, which means we spend a lot of time outdoors. Reba will keep watch over us to make sure we are alright and then wander off to explore. However, never out of ear shot. After a bit of time here she comes, to check on us and get in our way until we stop whatever we are doing and pet her. When the thunder starts Reba will come and get us, wherever we maybe on the property, and continue to woof until we go inside. Her caring nature is no more evident than when a robin’s nest fell out of a tree and Reba brought us the lone egg and dropped it in Shirley’s hand unscathed and intact. How incredible.

Aug 26_2016(3)

She is very protective of our family but yet friendly to strangers when she feels there is not a threat. Reba will not allow strange dogs to be around us but she knows when our son and daughter-in-law bring their two dogs to visit everything is good. Candle Hills’ motto is so true: ‘Our goal is to produce a dog a burglar will run from but a child can hug.’ We thank you for the joy you have brought to our family…She is more than a dog; she is a member of our family. Have a wonderful day.


Mark & Shirley”


On August 24th, 2016, Bonnie wrote:

“Sabre spent his first birthday doing what he loves best – working! Here he is after finishing a 3/4 mile track, aged 3 hours. Just before that he did a few cadaver problems, including a buried source.

He’s loving life!!”

Aug 24_2016(1)


On August 8th, 2016, Dave and Shirley wrote:

“Hello Elizabeth,

Once again walking across a parking lot I couldn’t get to the car without some tourists with children wanting to say hello to our gorgeous German Shepherd dog. They were from Connecticut and had a Shepherd at home, their father was house sitting with their dog but a good friend was in need of a German Shepherd companion and they said they had not seen one like KeyTo before. KeyTo is calm and sedate around strangers and readily lets the kids pet and hug him. They took pictures and I gave them your kennel name and the Mom wanted to know your name and I told her. This is an ongoing experience with KeyTo where ever we take him.

Aug 8_2016(3)I have to get some new pictures of Cardinal and Kindra for my wallet as well as a couple of pics from Christmas past with 10 month old Grandson Gavin sound asleep laying on KeyTo’s chest with his left hand clutching KeyTo’s front leg and his right hand clutching a handful of belly hair. He slept soundly in that position for 45 solid minutes and KeyTo never moved. Our Granddaughter Karliah sleeps on KeyTo as well. He is just the most stable personality in a dog of any kind that I have ever experienced. Did I tell you about dinner in May…with twelve of us at a table in the middle of the dining room with people at all the tables around us and KeyTo laying calmly between Shirley and I while we had a celebration dinner for my daughter-in-laws graduation … which KeyTo also attended in the gymnasium with a few thousand people. I could go on and on but I think you know we are happy with our Candle Hill Shepherd.

Our best to you and yours,

Dave and Shirley and KeyTo”


On August 8th, 2016, Alexandra wrote:

“We are loving each day with Piper, all thanks to you! We learned sit, down, leave it,Aug 8_2016(1) come, watch – constantly working on these last two, building for time & distance. I can see her sometimes think ‘what do you want from me, did I not watch long enough already?’ or ‘I’m coming, I’m coming… oh, wait, there’s a stone there I gotta check out, I’ll be right with you!’ haha. We can also wait for up to 1 minute, stay for up to 1 minute as well, we’ll work on longer stays as we grow up more, don’t want to put too much pressure on her body. As for heeling, she hops when she heels haha, like she’s saying ‘let’s go already mom!’. We are now starting to introduce distractions, doing more training outside, but only on things we’ve mastered in the quiet space of the home.

Fun things we learned: to play tug, of course (and “out” whenever she needs to leave the toy, which we do without hesitation), to “speak”, spin, touch and hug, of course. We call it “bear hug” haha, so much enthusiasm for that particular “game”, of course. Lot’s of “no-s” and “ahh ahh-s” and “leave it” too. …

Aug 8_2016(2)

We started her first puppy class at 9 weeks old, and joined a second course at 10 weeks and a half, as we wanted to socialize her as much as possible with other pups/dogs and people in a controlled & safe environment.

Another training class we started and completed was a low-impact intro agility as well, puppy-friendly. We never tried agility before, lots to learn. But oh my! Does she ever love it! I know I sent you a picture earlier with her on a dog walk at 9 weeks old, she went on it by herself, all brave. We did lots of body conditioning in the intro sessions, from learning where our paws are on a horizontal ladder, to learning to “hit it” on the marker, and staying on a target with our front paws while moving our bum left / right. We LOVE the wobble board, no fear, we were the only dog in the class to go on it the first class haha! “


On August 5th, 2016, Jim wrote:

“Did 3 runaways with Misha at the tree farm. She did great. She had lots of face licks when she found me. Andrea had a great time playing with her.”

Aug 5_2016(3) Aug 5_2016(2) Aug 5_2016(1)


On July 28th, 2016, Shaun wrote:

“Ursa’s first eye exam!”

July 28_2016(2)


On July 28th, 2016, Jeff wrote:

“Hi Elizabeth,

Just thought I would send a photo of Magnum chilling with our mini Rat Terrier. Hope all is well.

JeffJuly 28_2016

P.S. Magnum chased an unsavory neighbor back to his car after he pulled into my place unannounced. He had him pinned there until I came outside. I think the neighbor will call from now on. He also probably had underwear cleaning to do afterwards.”


On July 19th, 2016, Joel wrote:

“Hi Elizabeth, here is a great picture of Brook and Joshua a good friend of ours. The picture was taken by his wife while we were on a walk reminds me of Rin Tin Tin.”

July 19_2016(1)


On July 17th, 2016, Bonnie in Maryland wrote:

“Happy 3rd birthday Gunner! He has truly become the best dog ever. He loves and protects our granddaughter. Thank you again.”

July 17_2016(1) Gunner and Grand Daughter


On June 14th, 2016, Julia wrote:

“… Our little guy is doing fantastic! He melts my heart more and more every day. He is sooo smart!!!!! He learned so many commands and does them flawlessly. He loves to go on walks and absolutely adores every dog he meets! Czar loves people, too! I can’t believe how much he has grown in the last few days. I swear he gets bigger every time he naps. 🙂 He is so amazing and has made our lives so complete. We love him so much!!! Here is a recent photo of our little cutie. This was taken last weekend. Hope everything is well!!”

June 14, 2016 Julia_Sitting_Mountains


On May 22nd, 2016, Maellen wrote:

“Thank you for the pictures – I’ve never had pictures of Phoebe doing obedience – just agility. As for the plaque: I could give you every prize Phoebe ever won, and it still would not equal the puppy you entrusted to me. She has (among a lot of other things) given back to me the fun of showing, and the confidence that I can figure out solutions to training problems…Today went much better than yesterday, despite the rain and cold. Phoebe earned a third place (gold ribbon – much nicer than blue or red) in Utility, and another gold ribbon in Open, for her sixth UDX leg. In Open she also won a run-off against [that other top dog] – the second time she has done so. To be fair, [the other dog] is too exuberant to heel as smoothly as Phoebe, but does much better fronts and finishes, but the heeling is what counts in run-offs. We also got the GSD basket, which is the envy of the other breed people.”

May 21, 2016_Maellen_Heeling #1 May 21, 2016_Maellen_Heeling #2 May 21, 2016_Maellen_Plack_Car


On April 8th, 2016, Mari-Jonn wrote:

“After leaving your home we stopped to make sure the carrier was a “happy place with a few training rewards and a bully stick & Nylon Puppy Bone she willingly went in and out of the carrier for the entire day & was comfortable for the flight(s)… Never whimpered, I kept my fingers inside the crate at first and from then on amazing how calm she was… Each time we have walked today when we stop she will sit and look into my eyes for click and treat, how cool after only two days she is amazingly intuitive. We are totally in love!… Great with other unexpected noises – she was friendly to select strangers & funny to see her greet the “puppy in the mirror” in the motel room – she returned & smiled to it several times – omg I could go on and on…

Amazing pup!”


On April 8th, 2016 Julia wrote:

“Good morning!

I just had to tell you how impressed we are with our little boy. He has been the best puppy we could have ever imagined. He slept in my lap the entire drive home last night. … This morning he had his breakfast and has been napping. So much playing and excitement last night, he’s tired. 🙂 We were playing with toys last night and he has been retrieving!! He comes when he is called and has the cutest little baby walk. He is absolutely perfect! The most  adorable, lovable, kind boy!

Thank you so much!!”


On April 2, 2016, Dave from Cascade, Idaho wrote:

“Your German Shepherd bloodlines must certainly the best available, …I can’t help but think of you and your breeding program. I’m sure this is why we have a Candle Hill Shepherd…We are beyond description of our satisfaction with our Candle Hill Shepherd and a picture like this makes the point. We can take KeyTo ANYWHERE, his approach to strangers, strange dogs and new circumstances speaks volumes for his great breeding and self-confidence. This is our 3 year old granddaughter and KeyTo was resting when she decided she needed a hug and just walked over to him and wrapped herself around him. His reaction was to open his eyes, not another muscle moved… Thanks for such a great German Shepherd.

David Leonard, April 2 2016_3yr_old

…and this is 13 month old Gavin…”

David Leonard, April 2 2016 _18mth_old_#2David Leonard, April 2 2016 _18mth_old


On January of 2016, Carolynn wrote:

“After he settled in with everything his true personality came out. He is
incredibly kindhearted, faithful, dedicated soul and so smart I don’t even know
how to describe it. He also calmly and sweetly greets our company now. He’s a
true treasure.”


On December 17, Sydney wrote:

“Hi Elizabeth! Here are a few pictures of Timber. She’s getting very big (38 lbs) and much darker. Timber is now eating a balanced full raw food diet to simulate a prey meal.
She’s learning quickly and follows the rules of the house. We just took her to the vet and got all her vaccinations so she is able to go on walks now. When I tell her to come, she never fails. I taught her “leave it” and I will throw treats all around her and she doesn’t think about eating them until I release her. She stays very well and attacks me with kisses once I release her.
Everywhere I go, Timber is always following me. If we leave her for a couple of hours she gets so excited and acts as if she hasn’t seen me in years. Thank you for the best companion I could ever ask for. …Happy holidays!  Sydney”



On November 22, Debbie wrote:

“Hello Elizabeth. I just wanted to take a moment and update you on Miss Rika. She is without a doubt the most amazing dog we have ever experienced. She is so smart and fun. In just 7 days with a structured training schedule she has learned to sit, lay down, shake, heel, stop and sit on her leash and is well leash trained. She is almost potty trained asking to go out and going outside for her bathroom time with just about one accident a day for the past 3 days. She went to her outside kennel today for the first time after we all cleaned it and put fresh straw in it with her best dog friend Chloe and really enjoys it. They rested there for an hour. She started training on the invisible fence with her collar today now that we have power. And best of all she is bonding really well to all of us. She is currently asleep on my lap. Today was very busy. … Thanks so much for all you do. She is amazing and warms our hearts!”


In December, M.S. and Geoff wrote:

“Elizabeth, Greetings from Ohio.  What a wonderful year it has been with our sweet Saba and she really does have the sweetest temperament with lots of enthusiasm!! She tends to mother our 14 week old kitty yet harass our more mature cat.  When I get home from work, she stays right with me and doesn’t want to miss anything.  If I leave the room, she just has to get up and follow me. So at 16 months she weighs 64 1/2lbs and is in great health per the vet this afternoon. And one of her favorite games is “find it”.
The below picture was taken in the Village of Chagrin Falls. ( no snow and 70 this weekend!!!!) what a sight it was one day this fall when Gunny and Saba walked side by side through the village. When asked about them, Bill responded they are from the best breeder in the country!  I have referred a number of people to your website and Cardinal’s picture. Who know perhaps there will be another perfect candle-hill shepherd in the area one day.
I wish you and your family a Joyful and Merry Christmas!! “

IMG_4055 copy


In December 2015, Martha and Joe wrote:

“Thanks for your Thanksgiving message. We are so grateful for Xena it’s
impossible to describe, although I see what others say on your Facebook
page and we feel the same. I don’t know how she could be a better dog for
us. She’s so smart, funny, loves people and other dogs, and is doing very
well at SAR. She squeaks her toys (loudly) when Joe plays the piano so
she’s musical, too. The noise level in the living room is astounding. She
also is the best hiking companion I’ve ever had. I think you can tell we
adore her.

I¹ve attached her official team photo (although this picture does not do
her justice). Our very best to you, your family, and all the dogs. Martha and Joe”k9xena


In December 2015, Bonnie wrote:

“Handsome and happy! He’s tracking/trailing very well (his favorite) getting strong in his odor recognition for cadaver, and doing short refind drills without prompting.
Smart boy, confident, independent and loving. Very strong willed as expected, and it’s fun watching him make decisions – mostly the right ones I am happy to say.  We have a good structure that he (mostly) respects, although he likes to have the last word.
He goes to the elementary school on Fridays where he is a huge hit and loves the kids. He’s a favorite at puppy play sessions as well.
I have finally gotten some weight on him by adding some raw diet to his kibble, which he loves.    He’s a very happy part of our family, and we just love him!”



In December, Darcee wrote:

“How beautiful is she…!! (Alaska)



In December of 2015, Jessica wrote:

“Elizabeth, I should have sent you a pic a long time ago but here is my baby, Quiet Tundra Rose Von Hoffnung from Piper and Sunny 2013, affectionately known as “Tun”. She is totally focused on me and has turned into a wonderful service dog. She is strong, attentive, and beautiful. I literally can’t go out in public without at least one person telling me how pretty she is. Thank you.”


In November of 2015, Michael wrote:

“Elizabeth, Thought we would share.  Today was a first where they were both out together without restraint.  It sure was fun.  What beautiful dogs!  Michael”IMG_1241


In November of 2015, Bonnie wrote:

“Oops, his other ear tipped back over yesterday, so now both are down for the moment. He’s had his second shots and weighed 14 pounds a week ago.
Sabre boy is doing great. He went to his first organized puppy socialization / play group at Nancy Tanners Paws and People group on Sunday. He was the newest one, and was quite overwhelmed with the 15 crazy pups. Although he had my lap to come back to, he only used it for brief security checks, and ventured out to explore and engage. I can’t wait till next week, now that he has been there and has another week of life’s experiences under his belt! Nancy Turner said she has had 3 of your dogs in her classes and was very impressed with CH shepherds.

He’s doing well in his tracking and has huge drive to work – I can hardly contain him getting started. His cadaver nose-to-source work is outstanding, and he uses that nose to hunt very well.
He and Gator enjoy playing together  yet his bond is appropriate to me. Gator has taught him to spin, and they are a noisy, happy pair racing around. As expected, he is a strong minded little guy who tests the boundaries, yet I am pleased with his overall respect of things. He travels well and has met lots of adults, little kids and strangers.
Summary – he’s wonderful and we love him!!  And, I can truly say I think he is very happy to be a part of our family!”



In November 2015, Jim Writes:

“Lovin’ my girl! Happy fall 🙂 Jim & Elsa”

Jim's puppy


In October 2015 Kathleen wrote:

‘Good morning Elizabeth, It has been just a little over a year since we picked up our puppies.  How that year has flown!  They are the most spectacular dogs and such an important part of our family.  They are beautiful, intelligent and loving.  In addition, they are protective.  Tyler and Rachel live about 15 minutes from our house, so Kaiya and Atlas play together at least once a week.  The bond they have is incredible.  Thank you for all that you have done to bring such amazing puppies into the world.  You have made a difference in all of our lives. 🙂 Kathleen”

October 2015 010

Kathleens puppies 2


In October of 2015, Nan wrote:

“Good morning Elizabeth, It was such a pleasure to ,meet you, Michael and all of your wonderful dogs. Thank you for the gift of your time and knowledge. I don’t often meet someone who loves to share in depth “dog talk”. Your adult shepherds are spectacular!  In my dog quest I have more often found there are a couple of good and numerous less impressive dogs in a breeding program. But each of your dogs were excellent examples of the breed, sound and beautiful with good temperament. Wow!!  It was a delight to play with the puppies ….so consistent and yet interesting to watch them display individual characteristics of who they will one day become.  Thank you for your kind hospitality! Can’t wait to hear back from you. Cheers, Nan”


In October of 2015 Bonnie wrote:IMG_0452

“Here’s the happy little angel! We are starting to see his personality, and Im loving him! He is very busy, very confident, and very full of himself. He is full charge on his little runaway exercises already, and uses his nose if he over shoots his subject. He goes everywhere and is into everything. He is tugging on his toys, and Craig got him to bring his little ball back to him already. He sits for his meals, although he is crazy ravenous for his food. He is very happy to see you if you walk into a room – comes right over tail wagging, and always come back to check on me if he is out of sight exploring.  All is well!  Bonnie”

In October 2015 Gwen Wrote:

“Elizabeth, Sitting on the porch today and Leah couldn’t get close enough to her daddy! She is crazy about him (and vice versa). Thought it would be an ideal picture to send to you as she is about a month away from being 5! What a great addition to our family. She couldn’t be more sweet and we couldn’t love her more. I asked Jim if Kindra would remember her as an individual puppy or just one of hers. I’m sure she would remember this strong willed leader of the pack!  Hope all is well with you. We enjoy seeing the new puppies in your emails. Jim has threatened to bring Spencer and pay you another visit to pick up a boy dog. I told him only if I can be a stay at home Mom with the next one – no dice!  Take care and thanks for allowing us the privilege of owning one of your dogs.  Talk soon, Gwen”


In October 2015 Alice wrote:

“Hi Elizabeth!  I thought I’d just give you a little update on our girl since she just had her second birthday! We love her. She continues to be a great addition to our family. She makes us laugh everyday and I always feel safe when she is around”Betsy1


In April 2015, Janet wrote:

“Just letting you know that Bella and I arrived home safely from Salt Lake City. She had an accident in the crate during the flight. So I took her out and she rode all the way home in my lap. No accidents and 2 short potty breaks where she did her business.  Upon arriving at home our family cat gave her a small lesson about cats. And she has been with me like glue ever since.  We took your advice and the boys fed her dinner piece by piece. She warmed up to them after that.  Thank you so much for the work you have put into her.  I think that she will be a snap to train. She already sits at my feet whenever I stop walking.  We will send pictures when she gets adjusted.


In April 2015, Daniel wrote:

“Hi Elizabeth…

…Every time I look at this pooch, I think of you, and want to remind you what pleasure these dear creatures bring into the lives of many. You make that happen, and it is a gift. We took our nieces…now 7 & 5 to the beach last weekend & they stayed over with us all weekend while their Dad was in CO studying for his pilots exam. I was worried they would get homesick, but think they had a great time. Joe thoroughly & literally entertained them. Although we were careful to give exposure to the kids in our family as a pup, we are just so far out of town, that it is still infrequent.

After directing the girls to just “pretend” they were going to “catch” him while he is dodging in and out towards them with his toy…they were all three having fun…a delight to watch. A walk in the woods, had the youngest running out ahead of us a bit, and Joe was right on her heels. Made him uneasy to have the group with much distance between us at all.

… At any rate, the life we have, the time we’re given, the creature we get to share it with…we’re loving it. He’s awesome Elizabeth…the warmth of his nature continues to impress me. God be with you dear friend. Take care and hope good things are happening with you and yours.

Sally & Dan”


In April 2015 Karen writes:

“Hi Elizabeth,
Just wanted to send you a quick note. Ryker may have a new career in the future. I took him to the LTC facility where my Mom is recuperating from hip surgery. Everyone loved him. Her room was full of people that wanted to come in and visit him. He was such a good boy. I am so proud of him especially since He is not even 2 yet. He loved all the attention and he was so patient with everyone. Karen”



In April 2015, Randi writes:

“Hi Elizabeth,
How are you? How is the family?
Look who I met today. Handsome Mr. Ollie. What a sweet, handsome boy! I just fell in love with him. ?
Hi to everyone in the Kohl household for me.



In April Joel wrote:

“Hello Elizabeth it has been awhile hope you got through our tough winter okay ha ha. Brook has been doing great she really is maturing. Last year we did agility out at Cherlys and she really took to that, had alot of fun. Any way took a walk down to the lake this morning and got this picture of her.

Take care, Joel”



In April 2015, Jea writes:

“Dear Michael and Elizabeth,

I hope this picture comes through…I thought you’d enjoy knowing that you picked a great temperament for us in this gorgeous pup.  Here he is at the vet’s office today (he fell asleep on the table toward the end of the exam and just kind of hung out there).  The vet was very impressed with his health and structure.  She also felt that his umbilical hernia may have even closed up already.    She was impressed that he has such good sit skills so early.  I also took him for a loop on the leash today and he walks like a champ.  My favorite part is that he lies on my feet when I am doing the dishes :).

Thanks Again,
Jea and Family.”


April 2015, Lynn Writes:

“Elizabeth, just had to tell you that every day around noon Echo and I take our midday walk together, Liberty opts out of this walk even though she goes morning and evening, but anyway it never fails that someone doesn’t comment on how beautiful or good looking Echo is….so it isn’t just us that appreciate gorgeous dogs…..he is really such a sweet boy and I can’t wait until he gets to be older dog to new puppy, he will be such a great teacher and fun play partner. Just had to say thanks again for a great German Shepard, he is maturing into a new dog every day and of course we love him to death and Liberty even plays with him when the spirits move her! She will be 11 soon and he will be a year old soon, where did the time go?”


In April 2015, Jea from   writes:

“Hi Elizabeth! I thought you’d be anxious to know how green collared male (now Oliver), is settling in. First off, the guys working at the airport couldn’t get over how big and handsome Ollie is! He was a little anxious in the car, but almost asleep in my arms once he reached home. So far, he has gone outside for all his potty breaks, and even gets a little whiny when he has to go out, which is amazing. He EATS! And I’m pretty sure he already knows sit, and did down stay with some lash help at supper. All and all, pretty amazing. We are definitely becoming fast friends . Right now he is sleeping beside me. Thank you so much for a wonderful puppy!! Jea”

Oliver: From Cardinal and Mokka



March 2015, Clint and Robin Wrote:


We signed up for puppy kindergarten to get some socializing, and basic commands, and to make sure we were on track as well as something to do together,  but after an hour of being with the pups of same age, the trainer said you must already work with your dog.  We smiled.   So, she bumped into an obedience class.  We already have commands of come, sit, down, and heel.  Still working on stay.  She will stay for short time but then runs to me and heels. So we’ll see what this class brings.   She works well off leash and responds to commands.  Some friends have some older and bigger  dogs, heelers and labs, she was kind of skittish first few times but now she gets right in there with them playing.  We ran into a lady the other day and she said she had shepards for a lot of years and never seen a pup with such big paws and a dark face.  Compliments every where we go on her demeanor and physicals.  Such a beautiful pup.  Until next time, enjoy the warm weather and sunshine”

Clint and Robin”


March, 2015, Del From AZ writes:

“Hi Elizabeth, just a recent picture of Cash. We finally had a nice day after some bitter cold and windy days, so I took him on a hike. He is a super love able dog, also is very funny and entertaining, he is quite the clown. I hope you had enjoyable holidays and all is well, I will keep sending pictures periodically. Thanks Del.”



March, 2015, Dave From Idaho writes about Keyto (out of Cardinal and Kindra):

“…..Now for an update on KeyTo’s doings.  All I can say is GREAT!

We just recently got back from Arizona, visiting our oldest son and his wife, our 2yr. granddaughter, and our new grandson.  Our visit for 8 days was great!  KeyTo is a star!  And the best baby sitter you could ever ask for!  He is a love and gets along with everyone, including Maggie who is half jack russell, half dachshund, who is rather bossy.  Our whole trip was a pleasure because of KeyTo’s personality.

KeytoNow, I must say a word about his handsome beauty and grace.  He is gorgeous!
You should be getting a lot of referrals from us.  Coat color is red and Black with deep tan on legs.
Has the smoothest gait of all and when feeling sassy, has that prance we so love.
He is very intelligent and full of mischief teasing and a fast learner.  He is strong and sure footed.

And we love him deeply, He is our, “KeyTo The Heart of Hope.”


November 2014, from Martha-Shorter who has Saba, a Cardinal Kindra puppy 2014, writes from Ohio:

About this pup, her owner writes, “Elizabeth-
I wanted to let you know what the trainer said as soon as she saw Saba this past Sunday in our “Puppy Kindergarten ” class. She exclaimed “she is really put together well” and praised the breeding program. When I asked her specifically what she meant, she went on to describe her proportions, her back etc. Thank you again for the care you take. I receive so many compliments about her!

Martha Shorter”

Thank you Martha Shorter, you make my day!

This photo of Saba was captioned, “The Garden of Eden”.


Thanksgiving 2014, Dave from Idaho writes:

“Dear Elizabeth,

That is a great picture of Sonar and her puppies, they are so tiny it is hard to think of our KeyTo being that small once upon a time.

We are so indebted to you for selecting our KeyTo for us, we asked for a companion and you could not have provided a better match.  We owe you some pictures and I will put more emphasis on that with the bad weather hitting us – it’s raining but that did not stop KeyTo and I from our 2 mile walk today.  Right now he is curled up on the couch with his head on Shirley’s leg, both of them sound asleep with Shirley’s hand on his neck…

We find something about KeyTo to laugh about or share with each other  every single day, by the way, he is a big puppy now, at 11 months old he is 81 pounds and 26.5 inches tall at the top of his shoulders and he has the most gorgeous set of shiny, bright white teeth you will ever see in a dog.  His coat is just a bit more plush than standard coat, and he is a stunning mix of black saddle fringed in cinnamon red further fringed with a honey blond and he has the face and eyes that look directly into your heart and soul.  His face and look is one of a very mature dog and I’m sure would give pause to anyone that might not have the best of intentions.  He is confident without being overly bold or aggressive and plays well with all dogs we have met.  He inherently has good “doggie manners” , bowing and play dodging with other puppies and standing still and deferring to adult dogs.  He seems to especially like playing with female puppies or young females even a year old.  We do have to be careful with him around children and other young people, he has a high play drive and is boisterous which can be a bit overwhelming to strangers.  I have seen a bit of restraint lately and I think he is beginning to show the initial signs of maturity.  That said, his play drive and energy is practically unlimited.  He also has demonstrated protective traits about Shirley, at night when she dozes on the sofa he alerts to strange sounds and his hair bristles as he stands at her side, in public he steps between Shirley and strange dogs that approach until after they “meet and greet”, and I have seen him do this once or twice when a man approached Shirley, he seems to be wary until Shirley demonstrates some recognition of the approaching stranger.  Shirley has said frequently that he would have made a great police dog.  He is extremely intelligent, can sort through a chain of events and come up with appropriate reaction, and responds to training immediately.  I will have to admit that we have NOT engaged in rigorous training as we did in the past with the Shepherds we intended to do Search and Rescue work with, but we have had him in a “Puppy Kindergarten” which, was a disappointment to us.  The “Trainer” lacked in many traits that we were accustomed to seeing in a dog trainer in our past experience, but KeyTo responds to the training we have given him, come, heel, sit, stand, stay etc..

And my Dr. Hall was right on the money when I asked him why he was happy that we got a German Shepherd puppy at my checkup in April and he responded that on days when I didn’t feel like going for a walk – the dog will.  We walk a minimum of 2 miles a day, seven days a week and most days it is more than 2 miles, as much as 4 or 5 miles.  On days when I have been a bit tardy in going for a walk Shirley has said ” David, please take KeyTo for his walk, he is driving me nuts” and I cut short whatever was delaying me and get my hat and coat.  And he is a ‘water dog’, he taught himself to swim and it was interesting to watch him develop his swimming.  At first he waded and we threw a float toy only to where he could fetch it by wading, after a week or two we threw the toy to just one pace beyond wading and at first it surprised him to not feel the bottom but he did not really have to swim to get back to wading depth, and then we noticed that he went beyond wading depth to bite at bubbles or get a bit of debris floating on the surface, after that we tossed the float further and further and then on walks beside the lake he would jump in and go for a swim on his own.  Now that winter is setting in I have to stay away from the lake shore on our walks.

Well, I guess I better draw this to a close, I will get some pictures to you but pictures can’t convey what I’ve told you in this mail.  I just don’t have any better way of telling you how much we love the German Shepherd that we got from you, and we have commented that you certainly did a great job of picking out a puppy with the traits that we valued.  You certainly know intimately the characteristics of the breeding pairs and can accurately recognize personality traits in the developing puppy.  I carry a picture of Cardinal and Kindra in my wallet with the Candle Hill Shepherds address on it and have shown it to several dozen people.  KeyTo draws admiring comment and discussion with almost everyone we meet.

Of all that we have to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day, our German Shepherd dog, KeyTo, that we got from from Elizabeth Kohl of Candle Hill Shepherds  is one of the most remarkable.

Good night and our best wishes to you and all your family,


November 2014, Brandy  writes:

A Candle Hill Shepherd

“She is such a sweet girl! Worn out from playing ball all day.”

October 2014, From Kathleen who writes:

“I have been remiss in sending you an email to thank you for our wonderful puppy. We are so grateful for all of the time and effort that you and your family put into Kaiya prior to the time we picked her up. She is the most amazing little dog we have ever known. We feel so fortunate to have her in our lives. She brings us some much joy every single day. .. We cannot believe how much she has grown! Her nose is much longer already and both of her ears are standing straight up. She and Atlas play together a couple of times a week – they are so much fun to see together.  🙂

Our sincere thanks again for all that you have done to produce such incredible dogs!!!!”

October 2014, Kathy and Brian from Idaho write:

“Hi, Elizabeth ~

We just wanted to send a quick “Greetings from Sandpoint!” on the occasion of Jada’s A Candle Hill Shepherd5thbirthday.  Jada is so cute, intelligent, loving and playful ~ really, the perfect dog for us in every way.  Hope things are going well for you.

Kathy and Brian”








October 2014, Dori from Ohio writes:

“Hello from Ohio!  I just had to send you this note today as I had the pleasure of meeting one of your puppies in person.  She lives in the Cleveland Ohio – Geauga county area and is an 10 week old long haired shepard pup.  I am at a loss for her name however I met her and her owner at the local apple farm here.

What a gorgeous pup she is.  She was there with her owner starting to socialize.  Since I am a dog world person and work the Crown Class Dog shows in Cleveland I was talking to her about the importance of obedience and how rewarding it is to train and compete (even if for fun!)  Being an avid obedience student I tried to emphasize the importance of the right trainer as it can make or break the dog and that obedience can save a dog’s life in situations.  I told her to stay in touch with her breeder and she said there is a good relationship established already.  Kudos to you!  The owner was a very conscience person.

Your dogs are absolutely magnificent and can almost make me jump breeds!  Having always had Newfoundlands and Leonbergers that would definitely be a change!

I was so enchanted with that pup that I almost forgot why I was there and actually took a wrong turn home.  Thank you for a delightful Saturday morning!   Dorrie “

October 2014, Melissa writes:

“Just wanted to send you a quick update and a couple pictures of Koli (Macho and Kuma 2013)A Candle Hill Shepherd taken this last weekend. She is an absolutely beautiful girl and we get compliments on her constantly. She stands 23-24 inches tall and is a very lean and muscled 70 lbs.

A Candle Hill ShepherdShe is a girl that LOVES to work and we haven’t found a task that she cannot do.            She performs service tasks around the house and has excelled at her obedience, rally, and nosework training. The main thing holding her back is my lack of time! She passed her CGC last December when she had just turned 6 months old! She is definitely ready for Rally competition, so hopefully I will have time to enter her soon, with AKC obedience to follow. Her ball and toy drive is unbelievable!
She has gone on numerous camping and canoe trips with us and is the perfect outdoor and active dog. We could not be more happy with this girl and are so lucky to have her in our lives.
I am also sending a video of some of her heeling training from this last winter when she was 8 months old. I think she (and I) have improved a lot since then, but I am still so proud of her in these clips! This is my first time training competition-level heeling, but I think she has beautiful IPO-type action, focus, and precision to her! But let me know what you think as well. It’s a little hard to judge here because it is inside and a small space. I’ll try to get some current video and have her outside!  Melissa”
October 2014, Daniele and Josh from Colorado write:A Candle Hill Shepherd
“Oakley Just wanted to say hi! She is now a year old (macho & mica) liter. We could not imagine our lives without her. She brings us happiness everyday. I thought you and Michael would enjoy the attached picture.”







October 2014,  Alice Writes,

A Candle Hill ShepherdWe are closing in on our girls birthday and I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for a great addition to our family!  Betsy has been so much fun! She’s so smart.
She knows a few tricks and we are continueing to work on some obedience.  She loves to play, investigate and has a new found love to swim!

A Candle Hill Shepherd


September 2014,  Sharon writes:

“Just had to check in to say hello and give you my exciting news!

I saw your post with Keeper in the water and was double depressed as I have tried really hard to get Cache to swim.  I have a pretty nice pond on the property and for a year I’ve tried everything from getting in the water myself, throwing her favorite toys, having other dogs swim but she just wouldn’t do it.  I go to the pond a few times a week and Cache loves bounding around as long as she can touch bottom.  I had quit putting her life jacket on as I mostly gave up, then yesterday I tossed in her floating frisbee and same as usual she barked at it ran the shore then gave up.  I threw a few small stick in and all of a sudden she jumped for one and started swimming.  She came out with the biggest smile on her face and of course I was going crazy praising her.  Anyone on the mountain could have heard me!!!
I think this was a huge step in her confidence and now we have another healthy exercise.
She is truely becoming the greatest dog I have ever had, so in tune with me and loving beyond belief!
Thanks again for doing what you do!  All the best,  Sharon”
September 2014, Marcia writes:
“I am so glad I was able to send this to you. Raven is so beautiful and just magnificent; she is full of energy so agility is a great sport for her.She has so much fun and is constantly laughing while she is moving at warped speed. Our vet is going to put some of that video on their website. I have already planned to send that regal picture to you; each time I look at it, I am in awe of her beauty and Majesty. She is the best I friend ever in my life, and we are attached at the hip. We hug and snuggle all the time. An interesting experience we recently had when our kitty, Cloe, died last week. All the pets knew she was sick, however, Raven was always trying to lick away the cancer from the side of Cloe’s cheek. When I brought Cloe home after her euthanasia at the vet, I placed her carrier in the garage and around 2 AM, I went into the garage to clean and brush Cloe and placed her in a pretty box and put a red bow on her to be taken to the pet cemetery in the morning. Raven stayed laying at the doorway into the garage almost all the time,. When I allowed her into the garage, she immediately went on the hunt for Cloe, when she couldn’t find her, she took my shirt that was in the carrier that I placed there to give Cloe comfort during her last trip. Raven went onto her bed, tucked the shirt under her neck and chin and lay there for 3-4 hours. The next two days, she did the same with the towel and then the pad in the carrier. These articles are still in her bed where she snuggles with them. No one will ever convince me that dogs don’t know, understand, and have dignity to comprehend loss and relationships far better than humans. I love her so very much; she is my best friend .She completes my happiness and makes me a better person. I want to find a way to do another DVD and include that picture of her sitting in front of that bird cage. I will speak to the photographer and see how we can get it off the Internet from your website; is that ok?He is including the puppy pictures you sent to me. Will keep you posted. I hope we make you smile….A Lot! .”
On June 3, 2015 Joe wrote:
“Dear Elizabeth and Michael, I asked Martha for your email to let you know how pleased I am personally to discover that the puppy you picked out for us is EXACTLY as you described in many an email to Martha preceding our visit to pick her up.  She’s sweet, she’s smart, and she’s dauntless.  A fringe benefit is that our existing, nine-year-old goldendoodle Stella, who was so bummed by our absence, when we came out to you, and being relegated to a boarder nearby, that on our return she acted uninterested in coming back, first got interested, then gave the puppy lessons in the rudiments of her favorite play activities, let the puppy know her superior status in the existing pack, and joined into the puppy’s greater lack of concern about inclement weather to the point where she seems wholly rejuvenated. During the six or so weeks that you updated Martha about the emerging character of the puppy, I became increasingly skeptical as you became increasingly enthused, but now that we’ve had her for our own six weeks I see that you were exact.  Hats off!  Above all I want to thank you both for your tireless and unfailingly kind and giving responses to our concerns, needs, and worries, leading up to taking her home.  Your crate turned out to be perfect.  No one batted an eyelash going through security or taking her on the plane, and when, en route, she climbed most of the way out of the top of the thing all the nearby passengers enthused over her without a single misgiving expressed by them or any of the crew.  A wrinkle is that the Spokane airport security is NOTHING like any we are used to.  Out your way, people avoid stepping on each other’s toes.  Here they sadistically relish it…One semi-personal question has been rattling around since we first visited you.  You wore a jacket then that said “Sheriff” on it.  Do you have a sheriff job?  It would fit the search and rescue dog training culture!  I have warm memories of visiting you both, thanks to your interesting, wholesome lifestyle and magnificent hospitality!  Sincerely, Joe”