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Past Males; Faithful and True

INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION KEEPER VON HOFFNUNG RN, CD, BH, H.O.T.Handler owned, trained, and titled, is the magnificent puppy we kept out of Cardinal and Kindra.  Not only does Keeper represent some of our favorite dogs in his pedigree, but he is earning renown in his own right as he soars through Performance titles.  He’s a Keeper!  Keeper’s coloring and coat type is Black and Red, long coat.


Out of the great lineage of VA1 Zamp vom Thermodos, Cardinal quickly achieved on his own merit his INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, rated V1 for conformation, RALLY NOVICE (RN), RALLY ADVANCED (RA),COMPANION DOG (CD) THERAPY DOG NOVICE (THDN), and CGC (CANINE GOOD CITIZEN) titles. Ever a loving protector, Cardinal is able to quickly switch from being a comforting lap dog to being a formidable protector as the situation requires. In his therapy work, he shows a heart of gold. Cardinal’s coat type is black and red.

NATIONAL CHAMPION KANAS KENEI VAN DEN HEUVEL  SCHI, BH, CD, CDX , SEARCH AND RESCUE DOG,H.O.T. “HERO”  Handler owned, trained, and titled, son of the legendary Norbo Ben Ju, exemplifies his sire’s structure and working drives. His lines through both his dam, Exa Z Esagilu, and Norbo are 100% working Czech, with strong DDR backing. Hero is a dog of incredible heart and devotion, good with children and with other animals. With endless drive for the ball or tug, no hesitation on variable surfaces, a gusto that is pure delight, he has what I consider the ideal working ability. Hero’s coloring and coat type is Red Sable, standard coat.

INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION JAKE VOM KANAS CD, BH, JJ-N, RN, 2007 4H OBEDIENCE CHAMPION H.O.T.  Handler owned, trained, and titled, combines the DDR look of his sire, Dagger, grandson to Lord Gleisdreieck with the strong Czech pedigree of his dam, Quitta. With his far reaching trot, Jake glides as he moves. Ever at our little daughter’s side, Jake is being trained by her in obedience and agility. His temperament is gentle, loyal, and calm. (2016, Jake is still with us, though now age twelve, he is retired from the breeding program). Jake’s coloring and coat type is Red Sable, standard coat.

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