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German Shepherd Colors There are a number of ways people describe German Shepherd coloring.  Here is a handy little article to help clear things up.

NEW DOG NUTRITION RESEARCH The IAMS Company has reported on a study showing that when puppies are nourished with enhanced (high) levels of dietary docosahexaenoic acid these pups test out smarter and more trainable than other pups not nourished with supplements of DHA

Vaccinations 27 Vet schools in the US have changed their vaccination recommendations.

The Critical Period: Some irrefutable rules of puppy socialization, by Helen Dorrance. This article explains what to do when, while your puppy is very young.

Proven Temperament

Things To Consider Before Hiring A Trainer For Your Puppy:  We asked Mike Mandell of Alpha K-9 Obedience Animal Behaviorist and Trainer in Denver, CO to make a list for us of things for you to look for when looking for a Dog Trainer and red flags which will tell you to look elsewhere.

Characteristics of a SAR Dog

Characteristics of the Breed

Example of a Search

How to Find a Good German Shepherd

Longhaired German Shepherds

Why your Children should have a Pet

Understanding all those ABC’s (the letters) after a dog’s name: how to read titles from both the American Kennel Club and the Schutzhund Clubs.

Dog Toy Warning

Are You Ready to Compete?

Study of Hip Dysplasia and Environmental Factors We give your puppy the best start for healthy hips with acreage on our farm and in winter, our expansive puppy romper room.

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs linked to Improper Diet, video featuring Dr. Karen Becker

Drive When you bring home your German Shepherd puppy it helps to understand what makes him tick and hence to control his environment such that he develops into the dog you want.  Understanding drive helps immensely.

Dew Claws: Why Keep Them?

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