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Can you get generic viagra in us a? The reason why viagra is expensive the cost for producing it in usa is around $8-$11 per million vial! How about generic viagra that is 50% cheaper? You don't have to be a genius or like me to figure out that Viagra is much more expensive in India than its generic variant, which I have done so here in India. This has an influence on how many individuals opt for getting Viagra rather than generic viagra. Let's be honest: I thought that this might be true only because the drugs are manufactured in another country. I was pleasantly surprised to read this information in one of the medical journals. I feel that by getting information like that, more people might understand that the reason why generic formulations are much cheaper is because the cost of making medicines in India is very high. This can help reduce the number of victims drug pricing scam. But I must point out that most of the people who get their medicine from the government institutions are not wealthy and have no choice but to pay the high price of prescription. Moreover, the government drug schemes are not always well managed so even if you get your medicine from them, you may not be able to fill it. A little bit about the drug pricing scam This is where I mentioned that the people taking drug are very poor and often face problems when they go to their doctors with the problem of their erectile dysfunction. The fact is that there a fake drug called Viagra made by Cipla India that is supposed to solve all your sexual problems. I did a little investigation into this and noticed that drug is not produced by Cipla India and that the drugs being sold online is not the same thing as drugs being consumed in India. What is the problem with this? I spoke to this woman who purchased her medicines online. She started taking Viagra because had not received the recommended dose of prescribed viagra for her prostate problems. She was very unhappy and wondered why Cipla India was selling a generic Viagra instead of making one. She asked what happened to her money and didn't get an answer. She then asked the question; How much is the generic version? She was taken aback and told me that the generic Viagra sold is 50% cheaper than the prescribed generic viagra! As can be seen, there is a glaring mismatch between the real price of Viagra and what a generic is priced at. What even more shocking is that in India, a generic viagra is 100% cheaper than the true cost of generic version. You want generic viagra? It's only 50% cheaper than the original! But to tell you the truth, I decided to come up with an alternative theory. In a world where the counterfeit medicine is cheaper than Viagra, a generic viagra is more expensive than a genuine Viagra.

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