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Trace von Hoffnung CGC


Search and Rescue Dog

Canine Good Citizenship

OFA Hips:  GOOD;   OFA Elbows: Normal;    DM Clear

Trace is the outstanding puppy of the litter of Hero (Nat’l CH Kanas Kenei van den Heuvel SCH I, CDX, Search and Rescue Dog)  and Legend vom Haus Kohl BH (of our own breeding out of V Imo vom Werraufer SCH III, FH “Strongheart” and Daila Zitovska Dolina ZVVI).  The pairing of Hero and Legend was a breeding planned for good health and strong hips as well as to continue the outstanding temperament characteristics of Hero with strong attributes from Legend’s line as well.  Trace was selected for her working qualities.  She is a superb worker like her sire and also a pleasing companion.  Currently, she is in training with Kootenai County Sheriff’s Volunteer Search and Rescue K-9 as well as Mountain West Rescue Dogs.

To see a quick video of Trace working click here.


Characteristics of a Search and Rescue Dog

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