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Spark and her sister, Ember, are the puppies we kept from our own Keeper (INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION KEEPER VON HOFFNUNG RN, CD, BH) and SHADE ULMICH TEAM, the magnificent female we imported from Poland, daughter to  VA1(PL, NL), VA2(PL, CA), V3 BSZS 2016 Grisu vom Frankengold IPO III, KKL1. Spark’s sire, Keeper’s pedigree is also filled with titled champions: International Champion Cardinal von Sparthof CD, RN, RA, BH, THDN, CGC, grandson to reknowned Zamp von Thermodos, and Kindra Von Hoffnung, CD, RN, RA, BH, daughter to our Jake (International Champion Jake von Kanas CD, RN, BH, J-JN).

We are pleased to continue these great bloodlines of outstanding dogs.

Spark’s Pictures

Spark’s Pedigree