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Oakley is that special puppy we kept sired by our beloved Hero, Nat’l CH Kanas Kenei Van den Heuvel SCH1, CDX, Search and Rescue Tracking Dog. Oakley’s dam side, Piper, is equally cherished by us, as Piper carries with her our original lines, through her parents Max (Int’l CH Argus Maximus von Hoffnung Search and Rescue Dog (Area Wilderness, Tracking, HRD, Water Search). and “Wessa”  USA VOM ERZENGEL, RS-N, JS-N, GS-N ASCA Agility  and Max’s parents, the beginning of Candle Hill, Tag von Hoffnung, BH, CDX, Search and Rescue Dog (Area Wilderness, Tracking, HRD, Water Search) and Dagger Mir Wachter vom Kanas
Therapy/Medical Alert Dog BH, WH, CGC, CD.

We are so pleased to have these extraordinary bloodlines continue at Candle Hill Shepherds.  The qualities of health and character are what we have worked so many years to develop, truly a dog a Burglar Will Run From, But a Child Can Hug.



A-Stamp: hip and elbow certification