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long haired german shepherd tag search dog



H. O. T. Handler Owned, Trained, and Titled

Hips OFA Certified “Good”,   Elbows OFA certified “Normal”,  DM Clear

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PennHip rated better than 90% of German Shepherds tested. This is the highest possible PennHip rating.  Distraction Index .28

After adopting Hero at seven months, we first saw his incredible drive when our older son threw a rock across Lake Pend Oreille. When Hero lept into the water to retrieve, as I was holding the leash, he dragged me right along with him. Ever after, realizing his water exhuberance, we delight to play fetch at the lake, enjoying as he catapaults several feet out and into the water with a big splash, sinking deep but undeterred as he swims to his prize. Hero runs loose at our country property, but when I call, he runs full speed, feet outstreched, and leaping onto our porch, he greets me. He is a Rin Tin Tin of a dog, totally devoted, full of play, and extremely intelligent.

His sire, Norbo Ben Ju is 6X WUSV Competitor, SchH3, IPO3, ZVV2, 5KV5/55 (5’s are pronounced in temperament) 1st select class for life, perfect 0/0hips/elbows. He son of Car, grandson of Titus z PS.

Hero’s dam, Exa z Esagilu SVV1, SVV2, 1st select breeding class ,rated Velm Dobra, temperament pronounced, 0/0 hips/elbows. Exa is a daughter of the Lengendary Xero z Pohranicni Straze. Her pedigree is lined with Certified Border Patrol Dogs. Her pedigree is a 5-4 linebreeding on DDR Iwo v.d. Buscheke, 4-3 on Kaso z PS. Exa is out of the top producing female in Europe Figa Cega. Who goes back on DDR Greats, Bero v.d. Friedersdorfer Flur, Held v. Ritterberg, and Ingo v. Rudigen.Hero is the sort of dog suitable to any venue of training.  I’ve had him in Schuthzund, AKC Obedience, Search and Rescue, and now we are starting Agility.  He is simply one of the most fun dogs to work and enjoy.

We are pleased to announce that Hero has achieved his Schutzhund I, June 2009. “Pronounced for Courage” in the Protection phase. Handler owned and trained (H.O.T.)

2010,  Hero accomplished his AKC CD in three trials with a second place in each trial,    Handler owned and trained (H.O.T.)

2011, Hero earned his AKC CDX with three First Places.  Handler owned and trained (H.O.T.)

2011, December, Update: Hero effectively tracked a 16 year old run away, who was still running, over several miles of varied terrain, even through a public park with many people and dogs present.  He is a scent specific tracking dog with area air scenting capability.  Handler owned and trained (H.O.T.)


Hero’s pedigree

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