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Hazel Von Hoffnung is the pup we kept from Rohan (International’ Champion Rohan Von Hoffnung RN) and Little Bear (Little Bear Von Hoffnung RN). Her pedigree goes back to many of our favorite Foundation Dogs, Tag (Tag Von Hoffnung, Search and Rescue Dog, Area Search, Tracking, HRD) , Max (International Champion Argus Maximus Von Hoffnung Search and Rescue Dog, Area Search, Tracking, HRD), Wessa (Agility), Cardinal International Champion Cardinal vom Sparthof CD, CGC, RN, RA, THDN Therapy Dog), Piper, Bristol, Jake International Champion Jake vom Kanas BH, CD, RN, JJ-N, JS-N, 4H Championship), and Valiant (International Champion Valiant vom Kistha Haus RN, RA, CD, BH).

Hazel, herself, has that outstanding temperament that we and our many More Than One Club Candle Hill Shepherd Families have come to adore. It is that willingness to please, trainability, outgoing and confident nature, loving, loyal, and superior intelligence that make these dogs so special. To top it off, along with being an affectionate and loyal companion, Hazel is a natural at Search and Rescue!

Hazel’s Pictures

Hazel’s Pedigree