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Bristol’s Puppies Going Home, Nov. 2016

Last week, the puppies from Rohan and Bristol went home.  Such wonderful puppy families.  All but one were able to come out to pick up their pup, with two flying in from considerable distances across the country and one traveling a long ways by car.  It is so special to be able to meet each puppy family and spend some time together.  I LOVE this breeding!  The puppies are very trainable and of a softer temperament than some of our dogs, making for good service dog puppies and great family dogs and obedience prospects.  And did I mention that they are beautiful!bristo-puppies-11-2016-00001

Casey writes about her pup:  “We went with Koda after all! It was a toss up between Koda and Lena, and I couldn’t help it. I just loved the name too much. She’s doing so well!! She’s so laid back and happy – ALL THE TIME! We went to our first puppy socialization class last Sunday. She was such a social butterfly. She loved running around and getting the other little guys to engage with her. I’m so proud!!

I’ve attached a couple pictures of her. The brown crescent moon under her face is turning more orange. She’s looking more like Bristol every day. Everyone comments on how beautiful she is when we go out. I couldn’t agree more!

I hope you and the rest of your family are doing well! Enjoy the weather!!!”



Joining our More Than One Club with their second Candle Hill Shepherd


Reba, the dog on the the left, is this family’s first Candle Hill Shepherd, Reba, out of Cardinal and Mokka 2014.  Their new puppy is to the right.  What is fun about this picture is that Mark, Reba’s owner, asked Reba, the two year old, to “Sit” for the picture and very quickly and precisely, the little pup sat, also.


The new puppy, as a granddaughter to Cardinal via Bristrol, is Reba’s niece.  She has big paws to fill as Mark and Shirley consider Reba to be the ideal dog. Scroll down to see what they write about her.

We are so thankful for our wonderful puppy families!


Reba, from Cardinal and Mokka, 2014.

Earlier, Mark sent us a testimonial about their wonderful dog, Reba.  He wrote by way of introduction: “Shirley and I have attached a letter and recent pictures about our Reba. Hope you enjoy it but it is truly how we feel about her. She is more than a dog she is a member of our family.”

Here is Mark’s summation of their dog Reba, from Cardinal and Mokka 2014,

“In the fall of 2013 we lost our rescue dog Geronimo and our collie Cheyenne to hip dysplasia. After much research we chose the German Shepard breed, which led us to Candle Hill Shepherds. Cardinal stood out as a majestic male and we knew we wanted a puppy from him to join our family. It so happened that they had bred Cardinal with Mokka. So on April 16, 2014 we left our home in Western Montana on a journey to pick up Montana’s Sparkling Red Reba. Reba is everything and more we wanted in a dog. Her ability to communicate, or talk dog to us, is inconceivable. She will sit and woof until we begin to ask questions. Do you want a bone; do you want to go outside; do you want a treat, do you want to go out on the deck? If we ask correct question she licks her lips telling us yes and that is the answer. So the question is who is training who? We live in the country, on 35 acres, which means we spend a lot of time outdoors. Reba will keep watch over us to make sure we are alright and then wander off to explore. However, never out of ear shot. After a bit of time here she comes, to check on us and get in our way until we stop whatever we are doing and pet her. When the thunder starts Reba will come and get us, wherever we maybe on the property, and continue to woof until we go inside. Her caring nature is no more evident than when a robin’s nest fell out of a tree and Reba brought us the lone egg and dropped it in Shirley’s hand unscathed and intact. How incredible. She is very protective of our family but yet friendly to strangers when she feels there is not a threat. Reba will not allow strange dogs to be around us but she knows when our son and daughter-in-law bring their two dogs to visit everything is good. Candle Hills’ motto is so true; Our goal is to produce a dog a burglar will run from but a child can hug We thank you for the joy you have brought to our family.” Mark and Shirleybristo-puppies-11-2016-00011

It was such fun to meet Reba and see how beautifully she has grown, both physically and with that remarkable temperament that we strive for in our Candle Hill Shepherds.bristo-puppies-11-2016-00008


bristo-puppies-11-2016-00005 bristo-puppies-11-2016-00007




The sable female puppy went to a family in Texas.  They write:

“Hi Elizabeth!

I know you probably hear this all the time but…WOW!!! I am just so amazed at our little girl, Nova. At meal times we have been working on sit, down, come/heel, and watch me since we brought her home and she has learned so fast! She sits reliably even without a treat and just today she started doing down without any coaxing from us. She looks at my eyes when I say watch me and when I stop she almost automatically sits. It’s all just amazing to me since I haven’t really had any experience with a motivated, driven dog. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that she is wonderful. 🙂

Much Love,


Here is Nova the night before she left Candle Hill to go to her new home.  What a happy puppy!