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Yukon, a Cardinal and Chinook Candle Hill Shepherd Puppy


1. Pregnancy care has been optimized in every way we can including premium nutrition for the mother dog while carrying her pups, natural goat milk from our own farm for the pups, providing an holistic organic transition to puppy food, daily weight-gain management for the first several weeks, and most importantly heavy doses of love, play, and a safe, fun environment.

2. Whelping was in-home with clean facilities including indoor nursery.

3. Puppy care has been optimized by New Skete methods including music, toys, play, a full schedule of puppy exercises, grooming, socialization & problem solving exercises.

4. Puppy care will include following the proven methods of Biosensory Stimulation from the “The Super Puppy Program“.  Research shows that a dog’s performance is 65% environment and only 35% genetics. Studies show that neonatal stimulation and enriched environment greatly enhance the dog’s total potential for achievement.

5. Our Puppy Room is specially designed to be large enough for the puppies to scamper about improving proper hip development and clean such that the puppies learn to keep their sleeping and eating area separate from where they potty… read more

6.  When the weather permits, the puppies have a large yard where they can play, explore, and continue the hygiene of keeping their potty place separate.  This helps a great deal with housebreaking.  In their yard, the puppies take in the sights and sounds of the outdoors.

7. Best of all, our puppies are raised on our farm in the midst of our family life where they get plenty of attention and interaction.  Everyday is a new adventure in handling and environment such that their first eight weeks is enriched abundantly.

8.  We have done all we can do to assure that your puppy comes to you with the best possible start.  The rest is up to you!