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Litter U

Sire: “Hero” Kanas Kenei van den Heuvel, SCH I

Dam: Daila Zitavska Dolina ZVV1

Born September 8, 2009

Attention500 2010b Axel, Search and Rescue Dog,  Idaho500CIMG0727Dieter, Search and Rescue Dog,  Arizona

Dieter received his first tracking certification at 7 months


Grant, Dual Purpose K9, narcotics and street patrol, Texas


Nico, Schutzhund Dog, British Columbia

pinkfemale1closeAkira, Personal Companion, Georgia

Hawkeye, Personal Companion, Californiabluecollaredmale11-1-09cHawkeye, Personal Companion, California

PistolPistol, Personal Companion, California

9-2010Tonto, Family Companion, Maryland

Neila_head-1Nelia, Personal Companion, CA

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