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Puppy Room



Our Puppy Room set up is another key to what makes a Candle Hill Shepherd special.

A clean puppy becomes a clean adult dog.

New studies indicate that a puppy’s freedom to walk about from early ages is one major factor in preventing hip dysplasia.

During the daytime in good weather the puppies go outside where the same good habits of cleanliness are reinforced.  They also learn coming and following as we lead them to their outside yard.


Introducing THE PUPPY ROOM:


The puppy room is large at 15 x 15 feet, with plenty of room for the puppies to scamper about and play.  Beneath the pine chips is a tiled floor, easy to sterilize and keep clean.


There is room for the puppies’ mother to be present


with a separate area such that she can come and go as she pleases


The best part of this set up for you, which you will appreciate once you have your puppy home, is that the room is set up to be large enough to have a separate potty corner far from the sleeping area and food dishes.  Because of this, the puppies learn to keep clean, pottying far from where they sleep and eat.  This makes housebreaking far easier.  In fact, much of the time if you are conscientious about getting your puppy out in time, your new puppy is likely to choose never to potty in your house.  During the day, in good weather, the puppies are outside in their yard where the same habits of cleanliness are reinforced.


Here is the other side of the puppy room, with water dishes and a natural, clean spot where the puppies choose to bed down.  In the winter, we keep this side of the room warmer, creating an even stronger conditioning for a place to sleep.


This little guy just moved in and is taking it all in.

Pretty cool new diggs!

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