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What You Should Know

What You need to Know Before Adopting a Candle Hill Shepherd 

(Please sign and return with the contract before purchase)

Planning For Success

Based on our knowledge of the parents and their bloodlines we will match you first to the litter which we believe best suits you, then to the pup out of that litter which will best fit your lifestyle.  Be sure to let us know the level of security you desire and in what field of work you wish to train your dog and we will make every effort to match you with a puppy of temperament appropriate to that field be it Personal Companion, Therapy, Police work, Schutzhund, Personal Protection, or, Service Dogs, AKC Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Nose Work, Herding or Search and Rescue. We have done all in our power to improve your dog’s chances of thriving in every way, including: 

1. Excellent Pedigrees, registered with the AKC. 

2. We continually work to keep in touch with puppy families so that we can be aware if a genetic health issue arises. We expect your pup’s hips to be genetically sound, but as it is impossible to be 100% sure of future hip health when placing puppies, your pup comes with a hip guarantee. 

3. Pregnancy care has been optimized in every way we can including premium nutrition and most importantly heavy doses of love, play & a safe, fun environment to be sure that your pet’s mother was happy & contented during pregnancy, whelping & the pup’s life before being sent to your home. The attitude of the dam during this time directly transfers to the pup, making it very significant that your pup’s dam is contented.

4. Puppy care will include neurological stimulation following the proven methods of “Developing High Achievers” also known as the Super Dog Program. Research shows that where 35% of a dog’s performance is genetic, this method has greatly enhanced the other 65% and has proven to make a huge difference in the achievement of the dogs so reared. 

5. Puppy care has been optimized by New Skete methods including music, toys, play, a full schedule of puppy exercises, grooming, socialization & problem solving exercises. 

6. We will help you along the way in any way we can, including help with questions concerning training, health & grooming, and pass along any helpful non-private info about how other adoptive families are handling various situations with their adopted German Shepherd. 

7. It is very important to us to assess whether we are reaching our goals in our breeding program in the quality of dogs we produce. To do this, we rely heavily upon, you, our puppy families to give us feedback on how your puppy is doing. If you become one of our puppy families, we will hope and expect you to keep in touch with the understanding that information and testimonials sent to us, may be published unless you specifically ask to keep it private. 

8. We highly recommend that you read the Monks of New Skete books “The Art of Raising a Puppy” & “How to be Your Dog’s Best Friend” before picking up your puppy. Our puppy families have also found the puppy foundation books by Patricia McConnell helpful when bringing home their puppy.  

9. Your pup is helped in the transition to your home if you send something that has your scent on it. We will put this near your pup allowing your pup to get to know you before you meet. People have told us that their pup recognized them when they went to pick the pup up at the airport. Now how cool is that? 

10. Our puppies come to you micro chipped and with the first of the puppy series of three vaccinations.

11. Realizing the sad number of unwanted dogs in shelters across America, puppies will be given Limited registration with the AKC, allowing participation in AKC events, but limiting breeding rights. 

12. It is important to us that your puppy or dog is happy in the new home you provide. If for some reason you are unable to keep your pet, though we are unable to provide any refund, we will provide a loving home for your pet if you wish to return him or her to us. 

13. We have done our part in giving your pup the best start, the rest is up to you. 

Questions to ask yourself before acquiring a German Shepherd Dog:

  1. Am I committed to keep this dog for life, long after it is an adorable little bundle of fur? If circumstances occur in which I can no longer provide good care for my pet, am I willing to send it back to the breeder where it will be cared for there or placed in a loving home? Yes I am_____
  • What other pets live at your home, what kind, and how old are they?
  • If there are other dogs at your home, what gender are they? _____________

4. Am I prepared to deal with a high energy and intelligent working dog who is looking for activity and is not a couch potato? Yes I am _____ 

5. Do I have the time and energy and a giving nature to attend obedience classes with my pup and to consistently supply socialization, exercise, and tons of nurture and love well after my pup is no longer a cute little ball of fur? Yes I do_____ 

6. Do I have the patience, for the health of my dog, to resist allowing my pup to jump, run as in jogging with me over long distances or running beside my bicycle, or experience rough play with other dogs, such as body banging during that first year? Sports such as flyball and frisbee which require the dog to leap into the air should also be avoided until the bones are fully developed. Will I be determined to be conscientious to use common sense to preserve my dog’s hip health? Yes I do and yes I will_________ 

7. Do I own my own home and live in a situation that is stable enough to provide a good home to this pup over the next twelve to fourteen years and beyond? Yes I do __________ 

8. Am I willing to give the time required to regularly groom my pet, including coat, ear, and teeth brushing? Yes I am __________ 

9. Am I willing to provide regular exercise for my dog? Yes I am______ 

10. Am I willing to incur the expense required for regular vet care, immunizations, and hip x-rays as well as emergency care and care for unexpected medical issues when required? 

11. Am I willing to pay what it costs to provide top quality food for my pet? Yes I am ________ 

12. Do I have a fenced in yard or kennel run where I can let my pup be free to be a dog, a place where he is safe from cars, people, and other animals? Do I understand that I cannot let my dog outside unsupervised at any time without the safety of a fence? Yes I do _______ 

13. When I run into a problem with my dog, am I the sort of person who will have the thoughtfulness to try to understand things from a canine point of view, seeking help from those who understand dogs, reading to learn more, and consulting with the breeder? Yes I will ______

The Adoption Process:

One of the great strengths of our program, which also sets us apart, is that we do not treat the sale of our puppies as one would sell a car.  “Things” are made on assembly lines and are interchangeable.  Each puppy is a unique, living being.  A puppy suited to one home might not do well in another.  We carefully watch and test our puppies to learn who they are as individuals, and reserve the right to match the individual puppy to the home to which it is best suited.  We do not knowingly set up failure situations.  We work hard to give both the puppy and the new owner the greatest chances for success as possible. After consultation with Candle Hill Shepherds, and mutual agreement, Candle Hill Shepherds will  provide a contract to the buyer.   This offer and price will be good for a period of ten (10) days from the date sent.  Buyer has ten days to return the contract signed, along with a non refundable deposit of one third of the selling price. The balance is due when the puppy is six weeks of age.  If no puppy is available or suitable from the intended litter, based on testing by Candle Hill Shepherds, we will select a puppy of equal value from a future breeding satisfactory to both the seller and the Buyer.  If the Seller decides for any reason not covered in the sales contract to cancel the agreement, the money paid  to the Seller in deposit shall be returned to the Buyer concluding all agreements.  Candle Hill Shepherds may allow the deposit to be applied to a litter of higher value, if buyer agrees to the higher price.

Idaho residents and those picking up their puppy  must pay 6% sales tax. There is a $50 charge for those who want a veterinarian’s health certification and are picking their puppy up in Idaho.

Depending on where you live, we do ship via Delta, Alaska or United, weather permitting.  The cost of shipping is a separate charge.  That varies depending on where the puppy is going.  We do all the prep work, vet check / crate/ transport etc. and deliver the puppy to the airline for you. The Airport Delivery fee is $200.  You pick up the puppy at an airport near you that afternoon/night.  The flight scheduling is done on our end so we will start the ball rolling here when the time is right. We usually call you the week before to start things, but you can talk to the airlines anytime to get informed.   Together we will pick the best flight.  At the appointed time, you pick up the puppy at the airfreight terminal for the designated airline and airport.  Alternatively, you can of course pick up your puppy here at the kennel.    Puppies are shipped/ released at 8 weeks of age.  

Yes, have read and I understand and agree to the above guidelines on owning a German Shepherd and will work with Candle Hill Shepherds’ Adoption Process as presented 

Signed:  __________________________________________


When filled in and signed, please return this paperwork to: Candle Hill Shepherds LLC, Post Office Box 840, Athol ID 83801. For more information or questions call: 208-755-9380