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July 2014, Rachel from Minneapolis, MN wrote:


A Candle Hill Sheperd

“When we got Thor, we had no children and our goal was to have a well tempered family pet. Since then we’ve had two kids (Odin 2 yrs and Osgar 6 mos) and Thor has turned out to be equal parts family pup and guard dog.

We used to dote on him all day and night. With the arrival of little ones, we have had less time and attention for him, but he’s such a team player, that he doesn’t mind. He instantly adapted to them as part of his pack. He herds them and looks out for them. He’s very protective of his babies. When Odin was learning how to interact and starting to grab at our little dog, buddy. Thor would always be close by. When buddy would give Odin a warning growl or nip, Thor would wedge himself in between and herd buddy away from the baby. When family or friends come over and hold the babies, either of them, he has to supervise. He always looks to us to make sure it’s ok that a new person has his baby. He’s done this since Odin was born. If Osgar cries at night and I don’t get up right away, Thor nudges me awake and escorts me to the nursery, pushes the door open and waits outside (he knows he shouldn’t hang out in there) to make sure I get the baby.

We live in the city near a large park so we get the best of both worlds, but that can come with some kukoo people and animals too. He is such a big lovable doofus. He has, on more than one occasion, in the blink of an eye, thrown himself between a family member and a perceived threat with a snarl on his face, hair up, ready to protect. Usually, it’s an off leash aggressive dog that he chases off with a little nip on the butt, and comes right back to his loving self.

He’s constantly investigating bumps and noises and accounting for all of his family, even if we are on different levels of the house, even in the middle of the night. And while his counterpart, buddy, can be a bit annoying, Thor loves him all the same.

When he’s not “on duty” he likes to chew on his toys and chase his tail. He loves going out for a walk or run! He often suns himself on the deck watching all the birds and bunnies go by.

We love him and are so thankful you do such great work with these dogs. He is precisely the dog a burglar would run from, but our children hug!  Rachel”




4/28/2014, From Dave and Shirley in Idaho who have KeyTo:


“I am writing especially to relate an unusual activity he [KeyTo] performed Friday evening, April 25th.  Although he has shown protective tendency toward Shirley, barking if anyone approaches her unexpectedly, Friday night’s performance was especially unusual, confirming that we did get exactly what we wanted in a companion dog from Candle Hill Shepherds.

We had a light rain off and on all day Friday and Friday night it was 28 degrees about 10 PM.  Shirley had taken KeyTo out to see if he had a need to be outside and she went out the garage side door. The concrete walk was not iced but the wooden ramp was icy and as Shirley stepped down her foot slipped on the ice and she fell hitting her head on the concrete.  I was in the kitchen doing a little cleanup with the water running, the TV was on in the living room, the garage doors were closed and all doors between the garage and the house/kitchen were closed.  Shirley was alone and isolated in her distress and would have remained so until I wondered where she was were it not for Keyto.  When she fell he immediately ran to her and started barking, not a high pitched, excited puppy bark, but a big dog alarm bark and after bumping her with his nose he immediately left her and ran around the front of the garage to the front door of the house and continued to bark as he turned around and ran back to Shirley where she fell and was immobile.  I heard the barking and knew immediately that something was wrong, expecting possibly a bear or other varmint.  The barking continued as I ran through the house picking up a flashlight and firearm on my way, expecting that kind of situation.  As soon as I opened the side door of the garage KeyTo stopped barking and stood erect beside Shirley.  Shirley called out that she needed help and I got her to her feet and into the house with KeyTo never more that a couple of inches from her side.   KeyTo was 4 1/2 months old on Friday the 25th and although he has barked at the fox and the deer a couple of times it has only been a bark or two and never with the tone and volume that he used Friday night when Shirley fell.  Even when a stranger approaches Shirley unexpectedly it’s only a bark or two to alert us that someone unexpected is approaching.  Friday’s bark was clearly an alarm bark, it was urgent and unmistakable that something bad had happened, and he inherently knew how and where to get help.

I don’t have words enough to commend you on the German Shepherd lines that you breed, I only know that KeyTo is an exceptional German Shepherd, even though he is still a puppy.  I suspect that his performance Friday night is not a surprise to you – that is what you bred him for, Thank You.  
Dave and Shirley”     



Phoebe Tracking Title 27 Apr 2014

On Apr 27, 2014, at 2:35 PM, Maellenwrote:

“Hi Elizabeth,

Phoebe now has her TD! Collie Club Test today – she was the 7th dog out, so we had quite a wait with rain earlier, and wind the whole time. She was much slower than usual, with a lot of pauses, which made the judges happy, since they didn’t have to run. The first and last legs were looong, the three middle ones so short that I thought we were just out there muddling around, but the judges said she was on the track the whole time! She even found an ancient bone, but did not try to bring it home.

Phoebe is such a special puppy – once again I thank you for her.



3-9-2014, Scott in PA writes:

IMG_6326“Elizabeth,Its hard to believe that Axel, from Jake and Mica’s litter is 2 years old already.  I can’t tell you how many compliments I get from friends, family members and strangers on how not only good looking he is, but also on his temper and obedience.  I have enclosed some photographs so you can see how he is turning out.  Thank you so much.Scott”


December 25, 2013 Christy writes:IMAG0414

Had to send this to you, she loves William so much follows him and he loves her always hugging and kissing. Thanks again for a lil girl.”


12-14-13 From Carol, who has Anka, a Tag and Dagger daughter, 2004, California:

I am always amazed at the amount of comments I receive from friends and total strangers alike about Anka’s beauty and sweet face. I think there’s something special in the eyes of your dogs. I don’t know how to describe it but it’s definitely special. We’re going to start nose work again after the first of the year. Anka likes it a lot but I miss agility for the team bonding that it creates. We all have to give up some things as we age. Have a wonderful holiday and keep up the wonderful GSD breeding program. Carol”


Solomon from Cardinal and Kindra

December 7, 2013 Deborah and Randy who have Solomon (Cardinal and Kindra 2013) “He has some very intense reactions to what he perceives humans in distress. We had the issue with Randy in the water and him jumping in to “save” him and being quite hysterical. Last night we were watching a movie and in it someone was struggling very hard to breath and Solomon went bonkers again, trying to find the person in the TV and being quite upset about it all. He normally has zero interest in the TV unless a dog barks and then not much of an interest, he just hears it and looks. But he went up to the TV was very agitated and tried very hard to “find” the person. What do you think? … “We went on a weeks surfing trip in early November and we boarded him at my favorite place. They play and walk their quests daily — good 3-4 mile walks in the woods and 1 hour play time…doggie spa for sure…anyway the grandson (10 yr old boy) of the owner had a puppy who died and was having a very difficult time, so they brought Solomon in from the kennels to stay with the boy and it helped him through the bad part of it. They said Solomon was a very special dog and seemed to understand the need to be quiet, close and gently playful. Thought it unusual for such a young dog. “I have to say of all the puppies I’ve raised he’s the calmest and least destructive. He is also our alarm clock, very accurate!…You have some mighty fine lines of GSD going….just want to share what a wonder and pleasure it is to have Solomon in our lives. “ 11/17/13 From Bob the owner of Mercy, one of the pups we raised until almost a year old. Elizabeth It’s simple. We regard you as the very best person breeding these wonderful canine companions that we have ever met and after my personal 56 years of experience, that’s going some. We are indebted to both you for what you do and Carine for introducing us to you. Bob

11/7/2013 From Bonnie who has Gunner, a pup from Macho and Kuma, 2013 Elizabeth, Gunner is growing so fast and is so smart. He began alerting me of my blood sugar levels about a month ago. Vet and I thought it was coincidence at first but he is doing it consistently. The vet is amazed and I am very blessed to have him. Since he started alerting me, I have not passed out due to low sugars. We are going to pursue his certification for a diabetic service dog. God works in mysterious was. I knew Gunner was speaking to me from the beginning. Forever in your debt, Bonnie 9/28/13 From Bonnie who has Gunner, a pup from Macho and Kuma, 2013 Good Morning Elizabeth, Gunner is doing awesome. He loves playing hide and seek in the woods. He also loves to bring the newspaper in everyday. His ears are both up. I can’t thank you enough for him. He is the joy of my life. Bonnie


October 4, 2013 One of our Candle Hill puppy families was selling their house. When the new buyers came with their children to look at the property, Valor, from Max and Sara, was there. Valor's-Third-Place Valor, from Max and Sara 2009, with Ann after winning in Nose Work. In reply to her email about Valor: “Just in case you might be persuaded to get a “Valor” puppy. Take a look at Elizabeth’s web site. Her goal for the dogs she breeds: “Our goal at Candle Hill Shepherds is to produce “a dog a burglar will run from but a child can hug.” I think we proved the latter yesterday.” They wrote the following: “That’s a perfect description. Yesterday, I looked out in the yard and saw the poster child for the perfect family dog. Valor was fun, energetic, GENTLE and an amazing companion. She matched the energy of the children perfectly. She was Jesse’s best soccer companion and then dialed down and listened to the commands of 4 yr. old Maya. I’m still stunned by Valor’s nose work… not just her success but her rigorous search methodology. She’s an amazing dog and you guys have done a great job training her. Please let her know that if Pasadena is too warm for her beautiful winter coat, she’s certainly invited back to 132 Wilton.” 9/25/13 From Pat who has Rika, the Therapy Dog, out of Strongheart and Ulrika.

Rika continues to amaze and please. Recently at Walter Reed we were hanging out with kids getting chemo. We were getting ready to leave when a nurse asked if we could stay for just a few more minutes and help with a child. The child had to get 2 shots, one in each thigh after chemo. He was not happy and was screaming and crying. That is until Rika put her front paws on the bed and then he broke into a smile followed by a laugh. It is as near to crying as I have come. The nurses and parent could not have been more appreciative. It was a priceless event.
Thank you for the best dog in the world…at least our world.
Here is Rika in her special outfit to amuse the children she visits:
Image 1

9/23/13 From Sharon who has Cache, a female pup from Macho and Indy pup born in January, 2013 Image

Hi Elizabeth,
Just had to give you an update on Cache…What an amazing pup!!! Closing in on nine months old I keep waiting for that rotten adolescent to appear, but no signs of it. She is incredibly smart, attentive and eager to please. I love to watch her mind working through new experiences, always confident and looking to me as if to day “mom, do you see how cool that is?!”
You made a perfect match, she is pretty laid back but loves a good game. Our latest is doggy soccer. Cache will come up and drop the ball in front of me then casually look away knowing that I will kick it again. She has a great sense of humor!!
I almost feel guilty she will just be my companion, but to me that is everything. In the evenings she will come sit by my side and on my cue will leap into my lap giving kisses then snuggling in. What a great feeling that is.
Thank you for your devotion to such an incredible breeding program. I receive endless compliments on Cache’s good looks, bone and out going personality. I give you all the credit (except for all the cool tricks she does)!
Take care,
From Melissa who has Koli, a female pup from Macho and Kuma, 2013
Hi Elizabeth,
I just wanted to touch base again and let you know how well Koli is doing. She has been a fantastic little puppy so far! She is a very quick learner and is impressing everyone with how much she knows at such a young age. She is working on all her obedience skills like sit, down, stand, heel, watch, and come. She is also learning a number of the first steps in service work like touch, nudge, pivoting, retrieving, tugging, going to her mat, and rising. She is always eager to learn, is very focused and loves to please! She beats up on her older brother, who is a 10 month old lab and very easy going. I anticipate that he will be a little less forgiving as she gets out of the young puppy stage, but we will see. She attended her first puppy kindergarten class, which was a little overwhelming for her at first, but by the end of class nothing could distract her focus from me. She plays with my classmates at school and is definitely a people lover! She loves her ‘drive’ toy and when that comes out as a reward she forsakes food and other toys to come play with it, so that is great! She is very quiet in her kennel and loves to ride in the car. We are so happy with her and cannot wait to watch her grow up. She is a beautiful, loyal little girl already!
Hope everything is well,
Be sure to click on the link below to see Koli in action!
9/21/ 13

From Janet who has Lucas a puppy from Macho and Kuma, just ten weeks old at the time of this writing:

Hi Elizabeth,
I’m calling little Lucas my mensa puppy. He now sits whenever I ask, is getting good on the leash – I keep sessions short and happy, knows what ‘treats’ and ‘out’ and ‘go go’ mean. He is sleeping 7 hours peacefully in his crate in my bedroom, and lets me know when he has to go. He is now quiet in his big crate in the kitchen. When I return, he is quiet and not agitated and will sit on command and wait for me to open the door. Lia is a big help. I leave her in the kitchen and she sleeps right in front of his crate! She has appropriately disciplined his biting and grabbing, and so he is learning his manners from the master.
Sometimes (like right now) I keep him on the leash and he follows me around. He’s sleeping next to me. He knows my voice, comes enthusiastically when called (most of the time), and has spent quiet time without me in the fenced yard with Lia. He will watch me from the sliding door — so cute. of course, I’m keeping an eye on him at all times too….
I just love this picture and want to share it with you. Lucas watches Lia and is so smart, he learns from her all the time. This is how they wait for their food! He has transformed himself from a screaming, jumping crazy-puppy at meal time to one who understands that he can wait quietly and food will come.
Have a wonderful day ~ Janet
Image 1

9/19/2013From Brandy who has Lilly, a female pup from Macho and Kuma, 2013″Lilly is amazing! What a good girl. Thank you”Image 9 9/10/2013 From Anne who has Mattie, a female pup from Macho and Kuma, 2013 Hi Elizabeth,

Mattie is such a great puppy! She made the trip back to Seattle with little fuss, sleeping most of the way and sticking right with us when we made stops. She is eating with gusto and is sleeping in her crate by our bedside at night. House breaking is going well. She obviously has been living in a very clean environment. She seems interested but not freaked out by all the city noises, garbage trucks, children yelling, school bells (we live a block from an elementary school), etc. All the neighbors have dropped by to meet her and she is very friendly to everyone. Yesterday her border collie sister Ellie came home. They are doing well. Ellie has not decided what she thinks of Mattie yet, but she is showing interest and tolerating the puppy silliness. Meanwhile, our guest dog Bernie has been doing his part to entertain the puppy. They are about the same size and are wrestling and chasing each other around. We decided to wait a week to see Sean since everything is going so well at this point. We find ourselves saying “Thank you Elizabeth” several times a day as it is very clear that she has had a perfect start to her life. We can’t thank you enough for the love and attention she has received. We will keep you posted and will send photos as soon as we get our act together to take a few. Anne 9/3/2013 From Deborah who has Solomon from Cardinal and Kindra 2013″ElizabethWow you’ve got puppies, puppies everywhere… must keep you going.Received your email and sending you some recent (last week or so) pictures of Solomon. He still is the sweetest, kindest soul I’ve been around. He is becoming very responsive, his training (Canine Good Citizen classes) are going great and he loves them. He enjoys his walks in the woods and loves meeting all the new dogs (except for Mounting Max — name speaks volumes! ) and people and kids Loves chasing grasshoppers, and butterfly’s. Can’t figure out how those darn squirrels get up so high so fast and the rabbits that run right under his nose amaze and startle him. Good time for all. We took him out on the boat for the 1st time this weekend and he was calm and relaxed, until Randy got in the water and then he went ballistic. He was screaming (the puppy scream) and extremely agitated and finally just jumped in and swam to Randy, grabbing his life vest and trying to get him back to the boat. We tried to get him to relax and let him know all was OK but to no avail. He loves the water and swims like a fish but he continued to get extremely upset whenever Randy got into the water. Will have to work on that from the shoreline. All we can figure is he was trying to save Randy. Never saw that in such a young pup and never that intensely. Most of my GSD have thought it best to guide us out of the water but not this upset about it. Will try again like I said from in shallow water on the shoreline.Time is moving so fast and Solomon grows so much but we certainly are treating each day we have with him as the best day ever. Thanks again for a great dog.Gotta get the place ready for winter!!! So soon.The best to you and your familyTake careDeborahImage 5Image 4 9/1/2013From Janice who has Koda a Hero and Legend puppy 2011,I too had some computer issues and lost a lot of photos. Koda is doing very well, he is a happy healthy big boy. He is such a joy to have around. He is getting ready for his 2 year check up in October. He is the most gentle dog I think I have ever met ,I couldn’t have asked for a better addition to our family… Thank you so much…Janice JoyceImage 7 8/30/2013From Maureen who had Kaiser, a Cardinal and Piper puppy, January 2013Hello Elizabeth. This is Kaiser at 7.5 m. I told you a while back I wanted a traffic stopper. Well, today as we were walking, a lady stopped her car to tell me how beautiful he is. And, yes, I agree. Mississippi heat won’t go away..looking forward to fall. I hope all is well with u and your family. MaureenImage 8 8/22/13 From Jacque in North Carolina who has Max, a female pup from Cardinal and Kindra, 2013

” Just a Max update….she is the best! We went to the vet yesterday and she is 32 lbs and according to the vet a PERFECT puppy! Very mellow, sleeping on a big dog bed at night, house broken weeks ago, barks to go out, loves to play and swim…..I could go on and on. I will update you with more pictures as she grows into those ears and paws. Take care, Jacque” 8/12/13 From Tom in Virginia who has Ruby from Cardinal and Kindra, 2013 Scarlett and Ruby are getting along very well. Ruby is amazing. She has been housetrained for 3 weeks now. She is growing like a weed and is a bundle of energy. Image 7/29/2013 From Renee in Ohio, who has Hachi from Max and Wessa 2011, “Hi Elizabeth, I just wanted to share this with you. This is Hachi’s very first agility trial and his very 1st run. It was Novice A Fast and his 3rd run Novice A JWW. We also competed in Novice Standard and I goofed. He entered the wrong end of the tunnel and I did not send him back through the correct end. I didn’t know. He had a score of 100 in JWW. He is the best dog ever. Thanks again for this amazing friend. Renee” 1004476_10200152646728653_1363480859_n 1002145_10200152657648926_597191790_n



1/29/13 From Leah and Becca in Idaho, who have Jekza a Hero/Legend puppy 2012


“Jeckza is SO beautiful and sweet and smart and obedient…we are SO grateful and you would be so proud of Beka. She’s doing an amazing job!


Shane continues to be our ideal GSD. She has even managed to “soften” Colter’s rough edges and through example has shown him that obedience works better than bullying. Shane has been such a joy to have that my daughter will be calling you in June to be put on a waiting list for your next available litter. I will never ever get another GSD from another breeder .

5/13/2013 Here is a humorous photo from Chuck in Colorado, who has Magnum, a Strongheart/Ulrika pup purchased from Candle Hill Shepherds at age two. The dog house was there, but no dog, so Chuck let Magnum model while he snapped the picture. Image 1


From Dave in California, who has Briar, a Max and Wessa pup 2010,

Briar has excelled in his obedience and we use him as the example dog in the classes as we introduce new exercises. His drive and passion for protection work is only surpassed by his immediate obedience if we do a call off. Everyone loves watching, and listening, as he growls/barks from deep in his chest and continues growling while biting. One of the only dogs that growls while chasing the bad guy. He is great with our grandchildren and socially I use him for Dog on Dog aggression rehabilitation since he does not react to any dog’s aggression, even if they are directly in front of him. This has gotten around to many of our Petsmart and Petco’s and we are referred to by them many times. We recommend you and your dogs when people ask for breeders with good lines. Leica, Briar’s sister, is just as remarkable and loves to run with her brother and Titan after training like puppies playing.


4/20/13 From Bill in Maryland, who has Piper from Hero and Legend 2011

Almost 21 months old. She’s so great. She gets into alittle trouble once an awhile, but who doesn’t lol. She loves the outdoors and to play. Her drive is awesome. She’s so smart! Everywhere we go, people tell us how beautiful she is.

Image 2

4/4/2013 From Josh in Alaska who has Emerald, a Jake and Mica 2012 puppy

Hi Elizabeth,

Hadn’t talked to you in a while, so I thought I’d touch base. Emerald is doing wonderful. We have several dogs and Emerald is referred to as the “sweet girl.” Out of all of our dogs, Emerald is the only one that is allowed in the bed. She sleeps with me every morning after Theresa goes to work. While I was excited to train Emerald in SAR, it wasn’t for her. She has impressive (and I mean impressive) drive, but no matter how fun we made the training, it was simply clear that Emerald wanted something different. Emerald loves agility. It’s her calling. She likes the other people watching, she likes the people cheering, she likes the quickness of the reward – and she loves being agile. As she grows older, she will get to try more and more in the agility realm, but she still takes it easy. We’re careful with our puppies and we’re still making sure she takes it easy. She loves the snow. She loves life. And we love her. You truly made a work of art in her and for that we are grateful. She is intuitive to human senses and I would imagine that when she gets older, she will at least try therapy. She has endless energy, yet is incredibly obedient and has an amazing recall rate. The work that went into breeding her is clear and for that I am grateful. She is the dog that is closest to Theresa and watching their relationship brings me great joy.

I see the hard work put in to your line and the beauty of a creation that Emerald is.

And thank you again, for the wonderful joy to our lives. Josh Image 5 3/31/13 From Michelle in Wasington, who has Oren, a Cardinal/Piper puppy, 2013. Michelle is able to take Oren to school where he has a job working with the students, I AM GLAD HE CAN COME TO SCHOOL TOO, IT MAKES SUCH A DIFFERENCE IN THE BEHAVIORS OF MY STUDENTS. WE ARE LEARNING A LOT ABOUT KINDNESS AND CARING FOR OTHERS. HE IS STILL VERY INDEPENDENT AND MELLOW, SUCH A GOOD BOY, AND HE ABSOLUTELY ADORES JULIET!!!!! (Juliet is the family’s other Candle Hill Shepherd) HOPE YOUR FAMILY IS HAVING A BLESSED EASTER! Image 7

Oren with a student

3/24/13 From Maellen in Washington State, who has Phoebe, a Max /Wessa puppy 2009 Hi Elizabeth, Show season started this weekend with agility trials in Moses Lake. Friday Phoebe qualified in Excellent Jumpers Preferred – first place, and did the same on Saturday to finish her AXJP title. To ensure that I can’t quit showing in agility, she got her first leg in Excellent Standard Preferred. Can’t leave a girl with only one leg. The weekend before: on Saturday she certified for tracking, so I sent in an entry for the Collie Club Test the end of April. I hope she gets in. On Sunday she did a nice job in Utility A at a fun match. This is going to be a fun year! Maellen 1/28/13

From Colby in Montanta, who has Hunter, a Strongheart/Daila pup 2008


I Just thought I would share this picture of Hunter with you.


He is doing great. Best dog we have ever had.





From Pat in Washington DC who has Rika, a 2008 Strongheart/Ulrika pup


Dear Elizabeth,


I have been meaning to write you for so long. But I wanted to wait until Rika and I got our final approval visit in at the new Walter Reed. And today was the day. I started the process in September and finally have gone through all the necessary steps. The approval process was agony. It took me 3 trips, 4 blood tests, finger printing, a background check and an interview with an occupational therapist. And that was after I had sent them all of Rika’s paperwork. But it is worth it. I am looking forward to visiting there a couple of times a month.


Rika is such a natural. Today we met a young man who lost both legs in Afghanistan on December 12th. It was our privilege and honor to visit with him and yet all he could do was thank us for taking the time to come. It makes me so proud of the men and women that serve our country. She was also petted today by a guy with a prosthetic arm (he used that to pet her) and she was totally fine with it. She is pretty unflappable.


Rika currently visits at the Armed Forces Retirement Home, the VA Hospital, and Episcopal Center for Children. And she is great with everyone. The picture of her “kissing” the guy was taken at the VA. Unfortunately they won’t let us take pictures with the kids. But that is where she really shines. Generally she is off leash and gets to chase tennis balls. But she has the patience of a saint when a kid decides he/she wants to brush her or walk her around on a leash. The only problem is she does not want to leave. More often then not I have to get a kid to catch her and bring her to me.


One of her other talents is posing for pictures. I have set up a little photo studio in our basement. I just bring some cheese and she goes and poses. She is a good sport with all the stuff I put on her as you can see by the pictures. I make cards for her and mostly pass them out to the kids. Although I am finding out that the people at Walter Reed also like them a lot.


Jim just poked his head in and said “be sure to tell Elizabeth how much joy this dog has brought to our lives”. Not only us but so many others as well. Thank you!




Rika, where words would never be enough


11/12/12 from Sarah who has Vader, a 2010 puppy from Drago and Kindra,


Vader just turned 2 and he is so amazing with our 15 month old son… you should be so proud of his breeding. He truly is William’s best friend… he smiles so big when William pets him and is so gentle with him! I’ve never had a German Shepherd so intimidating to strangers and yet so cuddly with us and our toddler!! Our family wouldn’t be the same without him.


I really enjoy the fact that you care about your fur “kids”. You have produced many beautiful dogs. We cannot go ANYWHERE without getting complements from people. It’s almost comical. People stop in their cars as we walk him just to tell us how beautiful he is. Sometimes someone will ask if he is a wolf and then almost always say, “Man, I would NOT break into your house!!!” He has also become my running partner, since he is still young we only do a mile or two with him… but he stays perfectly by your side and some how “reads” where you want to go. It is unbelievable!




Vader and Willia

8/12/2012 from Sue, who has Sasha a Max and Sara puppy Litter V, 2009


Hi Elizabeth,


Just a quick note to tell you how much we are enjoying Sasha.(Max X Sara 2009) She adds so much joy to our lives with her enthusiasm and love of life. She also adds a real sense of security with her watchdog skills. As you can see from the attached photo, she has proven to be absolutely trustworthy with friends, both 2 and 4 footed. Sasha thoroughly enjoyed the recent visit from some youngsters. She was stuck like glue to them, entertaining them as well as being on guardian duty.


She is a great addition to our lives!



Sue Sasha-Newton-Girls

7/13/2012 From Christine whose family has Willow (Max and Wessa 2009) and Meadow (Drago and Piper 2011)


Hi Elizabeth!



I hope all is well with your family. Your new puppies look adorable! Did Chinook not have a litter? I saw that you joined Facebook; no one in our family has an account, but we will certainly enjoy all the pictures that you and everyone else put up. Kuma is especially beautiful, she reminds me of a standard coat Willow; they must both look like Wessa!


We are all doing fantastic; just trying to beat the heat and stay cool, something easier said than done, when trying to exercise the dogs!


Meadow went to the vet a couple weeks ago to get her rabies, and he was very impressed with her. It is so nice to have found a vet that understands German Shepherds, and whom the dogs also like.


Willow continues to be our beauty queen. She is so funny, when she first meets someone she is very reserved, but once they start exclaiming how beautiful she is, she “smiles” and is very friendly, wagging her tail and distributing kisses.


We have a neighbor who works third shift, so we don’t see him very often, but a few weeks ago he was out, and our family was talking to him and Willow was lying at his feet, quite calm and contented. He made a comment on how she looks like a scary dog, but she is actually quite gentle. That is something I absolutely love about the German Shepherds, that they look imposing, and are capable of protecting their family, but at the same time, they are great with kids. Thanks for both of them, and for all the advice and help you have given us over the past 2½ years.


Have a wonderful day,





From Suzannah who has Selik, a 2012 puppy from Jake and Mica. Suzannah is working Selik in 4H.


Dear Elizabeth, you will be pleased to hear that Selik is doing very well. Our show is on this thursday and I will send pictures after we are done. We have been taking him EVERYWHERE with us. He is the smartest dog that I have yet to work with. He learns faster than almost all of the dogs in our dog class. Everyone keeps asking me where I got him and they keep commenting on how beautiful he is. Don’t be surprised if you get a few new customers soon as I have been giving your bussiness cards out to people who ask for them 🙂 hope all is well.


-Suzannah and Selik


Update: Selik won First Place in Show and Third Place in Obedience. He is only six months old!




From Nancy who has ShaZAM, also a 2012 Jake and Mica puppy.


Elizabeth –


shaZAM! is really turning out to be a very handsome dog. He also has a tremendous personality.


Unfortunately we lost Nicco, my 11 year old GS, over the weekend. It was a hard loss for both of us. shaZAM! really looked up to him.


I am so very lucky to have shaZAM! to help me through this difficult time.




From Scott who has Axel, yet another 2012 Jake and Mica puppy,


Hello Elizabeth,


I have enclosed some pictures of Axel (Jake and Mica’s litter). He is more than we could have hoped for. His obedience and drives are outstanding, but yet he is calm enough around children and other family members. I definitely think we made the right decision with choosing him. The pictures that I have enclosed start from the time that I got him until present time. It’s hard to believe that he is a week shy of six months. Again, thank you for this great dog.






Axel, Jake and Mica 2012, five months old





From Suzie who has Tulip, a 2005 puppy from Tag and Dagger:


Hi Elizabeth, I love your updates. My little girl and I always go through the pictures and stories and find Tulips relatives. Tulip was from tag and dagger litter c. She is the best dog ever. The most loving loyal dog I have ever owned. Larkin, my daughter thinks the world of her. I was sad that Chinnok is no longer in the breeding program. Glad to see Piper and Vashti are still in the breeding program to carry on with the great traits Dagger and Tag have. Still makes me sad when I see Max picture as he was the same age as Tulip and she is still so full of life. Have a great summer! Suzie”

7/5/12 From Justine who has Leia, a Hero and Dakota puppy 2008,

Could not resist sending one of our many HOT summer relief photos.

I know you don’t get sick of great stories so I’ll tell our latest. We go to a dog beach on lake Michigan near us where not only a the humans are well bred and look identical (ha) but they all have some sort of golden retriever. We go with leia and everyone sees her and is apprehensive. Yesterday I had a group tell me they were amazed how wonderfully behaved she was, I said yes she is but more importantly she has a temperament that does not waiver under any circumstance. Thank you again and again!!!!!




From Bob who has Mercy, sister to Mica, granddaughter of our stud V Imo vom Werraufer SCH III, FH, a puppy we let go as a young adult.




I have never seen such a completely fearless dog. I take her target shooting and she sits there waiting. I take her logging and she looks at the chain saw with curiosity, but never blinks. I am seriously considering a motorcycle with a side car so she can join us.So far, that is the only thing Mercy as not done with us.








Mercy wrestling a gator in Florida, 2012


Please, do not try this at home! :>)


From Jackie whose son has the Make a Wish Puppy Venus, Max and Wessa 2011,

“I hope you are having a nice summer.Jamie is really enjoying Venus” company.We are very lucky, we were able to negotiate with the doctors for them to be together while we are living in Denver.I think she keeps him fighting.She keeps us all on our toes.Recently we started playing a search game with her.She enjoys it a lot.We make her stay and then we hide a toy, and then tell her “search”.She loves it when Jamie plays with her.She definitely shows off for him.”



From Janice who has Koda a Hero Legend puppy 2011


I am sorry I have not been in touch with you sooner, we have been so busy for the past several months I have not had time for much.He is doing great. He is such a good boy and gentle I just am in amazement over him how well he behaves and how loving he is. I just can not thank you enough for this gift you gave us.. He is coming along great with his training he retrieves sits shakes stays until called. We are working on finding objects when hidden and we are also working on finding people. He is doing well in that area. I can hide my daughter and he will find her within 3 minutes. He does not give up until she is found. That to me is a blessing from God since we live literally in the middle of the woods… He is doing great with our cat i believe they are great friends now. We took him to the beach for the first time last month and he loved it he was very cautious at first but after a few minutes of checking it out he was swimming in the Ocean as if he does it all the time.. We take him to the river as much as possible he loves to swim and he is very good at it… He loves any body that gives him attention and he is very good with other dogs, we do not let him get rough when in play but he really wants too I can tell. he is just a happy well adjusted puppy and we love him very much he fits very well into our family… Again thank you and I will be in touch… As for his health he is doing great all check ups and shots are up to date…. Have a great summer…. Janice Joyce


From Suzannah, the fourteen year old owner of Selik, Jake and Mica 2012,


You’ll be please to know that Selik is doing very well! He has grown so much! He is almost 40 pounds now and is still growing into his huge paws and ears! He is very smart and completely house trained now. He knows sit, down,come, stay and heel. He is doing very well in 4H and we will be doing a show this year.

-Suzannah 6-16-2012 From Cindy who has Gantz, Macho and Kindra, 2012,

“We LOVE LOVE LOVE our wonderful dog, and he’s just right for us. We’ve given gobs of people your info because they’re so impressed with him, so hopefully that will help you too. People who have had shepherds before are super impressed.”




From Suzie, Ohio, who has Gunny Litter B10 out of Max and Sara.




We have died and gone to heaven with Gunny II from Max & Wessa. Bill trains him, but he responds immediately to my commands.Can anything be better re: a working dog/companion?He is now 2 years old, we’ve had dogs all of our married life (working dogs at that), but none better than our wonderful boy from you. Thank you so very much for your diligence for the best. We are blessed because you do all things well. God’s richest blessings to you and your dear family.



From Michael who has Max, Litter H11, Max and Wessa,


Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the update from Candle Hill. Cardinal is beautiful!


It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already with Maximillian. He has been such a joy and is really starting to hit his stride. I think he will need a running mate sometime in the future (Cardinal and Wessa). Thanks and have a great evening!








Hi Elizabeth,



Thanks for the pictures and the updates. Congratulations – what wonderful dogs you have!



As for our wonderful shepherds; we couldn’t be happier. Tonto and Schatzi are absolutely mad about each other…they are joined at the hip. Schatzi is a fast learner and takes cues from Tonto. She is a gentle, sweet girl…and little! I remember you telling me you were sending me the biggest pup – she’s lucky if she’s 65 pounds. We call her our miniature shepherd.



We just adore them both so much and I can’t imagine not having Schatzi around…and neither can Tonto; he loves her. Tonto is still in agility and I hope to start Schatzi up in the fall – she may be better suited to tracking though. She cracks me up often on our walks in the woods – she has found money, a watch and many a squirrel. She’s quite taken with my husband, just as Tonto is my boy…funny how that works out.



Anyway, we adore them both and I swear I would have half a dozen of your dogs if I could.



Here’s some shots from one of our daily walks in the woods. The stick is technically Tonto’s, but Schatzi puts up a good tug. She’s quite darker than he is!



I hope you are well. Happy summer!







Django has become a great fly-fishing companion.He stays close, stays out of the line, and watches the strike indicator float downstream.


When Phil has a fish on the line- he gets all excited but doesn’t get in the way-then when Phil lands a fish he gives each fish a lick.

3/8/2012 From Corrine who has Shane a 2011 Drago/Chinook puppy kept at Candle Hill and trained by Hannah until Shane was five months old.


Dear Elizabeth ,


Shane has been a phenomenal companion. She instinctively knows when it is time to play, when it is time to sit quietly at my feet and when to shower me with kisses. She loves her morning hikes where she literally runs circles around me( how I wish I had her energy!). But the best part is that she returns to my side with only a whisper of her name. Thank you again for her wonderful start in life.



From David who has Stella, a Drago/Piper puppy 2011, New York City, NY


Stella is probably the happiest, most outgoing and confident shepherd that we have ever had. There are a lot of things going on in the city, but she handles everything extremely easily. Even though she’s extremely friendly, her German Shepherd instincts are really sharp. She responds directly to strange noises and strange sights and is on alert until we tell her to “leave it” upon which she easily reverts back to being a happy-go-lucky puppy. We’ve noticed that her tracking instincts/drive seem extremely strong, and my wife has started doing some scent work with her. She’s so easy to train that we almost take it for granted. For instance, we had her barking on command, rolling over and spinning around at 9 weeks. It’s gotten to the point that we’ve almost forgotten how smart she is and just think that other dogs are dumb. J. She’s the absolutely perfect blend of dog that we were looking for.


Frankly, she oozes with so much potential that we’re just trying not to mess her up. Thank you so much for her strong breeding and how much care you put into her during her first 8 weeks. I’m sure she won’t be our last Candle Hill Shepherd.


The vet says she’s healthy as a horse and we look forward to updating you further.


Thanks again.






From James who has Liberty, a Drago/ Piper puppy 2011


Dear Elizabeth

Just wanted to send you a few pictures of “Liberty” the five month old puppy from Drago x Piper that we were blessed to adopt from you.She is a phenomenal pup with a great personality and a desire to learn and please that is unparalleled. She is currently in puppy obedience from which I plan to pursue her Canine Good Citizen. Regardless she is a fine dog and once again I cant thank you enoughfor your dedication to the German Shepherd breed.









From Julie and John who have Max, a Drago and Piper puppy 2011

Hi Elizabeth, I just wanted to wish you and your family all the blessings you want in the new year, and to also give you an update on Max (Aug 30 litter, Piper and Drago). He is quite the superstar, he is the top puppy in Puppy School…outshining even the trainer’s Golden Retriever puppy! The trainer is impressed by him in every class, after the first class she asked where we had gotten such a great puppy and I gave her your contact information. She says you must be one of the top breeders (in terms of QUALITY, not quantity) of GSD’s, and that the combination of the Super Dog puppy program and great bloodlines has produced a “prime example of what a German Shepherd should be” (her words). He has amazing focus, he knows when it’s time to play and when it’s time to learn. Everyone that meets him always comments on how well-behaved he is. It’s hard to believe he is only 4 months old, he is so mature. He is growing up to be a handsome young man, I attached two photos of him taken today. I think he resembles his mom. He’s full of kisses and is a sweet, loving little guy. He’s confident and fearless without being pushy or dominant. He continually amazes us with his ability to think abstractly…his problem-solving skillls surpass those of some humans I know. He has a strong desire to please and really likes to learn. In short, he is the perfect puppy. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful little guy with us, he makes us smile every day. Julie and John



From Amanda who has Xaila, a Hero and Legend puppy 2011



Merry Christmas!!!


I loved the update with all of Xaila’s brothers and sisters! It was so good to see them all. Xaila is doing so well. She listens really well–She’s doing great with her sit, down, stay and come. She’s about 50% on her heel….she pulls about 50% of the time and walks politely beside us the other 50% of the time 🙂 She’s learning. I’d say she’s potty trained. She lets us know when she needs to go…she’ll even come and get us if we don’t see her sitting by the door. She’s really sweet about that too–she sits at attention by the door when its time to go out, and most of the time I try to open the door and continue to make her sit, which she does until I say “ok, go ahead”. She’s still really mouthy; we just keep correcting, hoping at some point she’ll stop that! LOL. She’s also really polite about waiting for her food and water….she sits at attention until i say “ok”–So sweet! We get so many compliments on her! She’s a magnet–when we have her out, people always come to say how beautiful she is. It’s so funny to watch, because they say how fabulous she is and I don’t think they realize what it is about her that draws them in–I do, its her breeding! The look of her, the way she carries herself–its all about her breeding. She’s bred so well and it shows in everything about her. You know what is REALLY funny?! We were out one day and my husband and daughter went into Books-a-Million for a cup of coffee, so I waited outside with her, working on heel a little and also letting her sniff around. When we were done, we waited outside the door, Xaila in a down sit. Someone came up to us and asked how long I’d been training dogs!!!! Bahahaha! I had to be perfectly honest, saying that this was my first attempt and it would not be going so well if she were not such an amazing dog!!!!


We couldn’t be more thrilled with her! And you have to stay in this business for the next 40 years because I want all of my dogs to come from you! “




From Renee who has Hachi, Max and Wessa 2011




Hi Elizabeth,


Thanks for posting the picture of Hachi on your site. You need to give your breeding more credit than you did. He is only 6 months old. I even had to take my AKC papers to show the training instructors because they thought he was older than he was. They were very impressed with him and stated you could tell he came from a good lineage. He will start classes again in 3 weeks. We are doing obedience and agility. He loves the tunnels and the shoots. Will do the tire, jumps, the straight weave poles and will walk up over and down the ramps. Just a great dog.


Thanks a million






From Janice who has Koda, a male pup from Hero and Legend 2011


I just wanted to give you an update on how Koda is doing.


This dog is just precious, he is the best puppy, so far that I have ever been around. He is so playful with all of us, and gentle with Jacklyn during their play times. He is getting so big so fast I do believe that he grows every night while we sleep. He is so clumsy and entertaining I just love to watch him. He is fully house trained and has been for some time now. He listens to basic commands such as sit, stay and come, The looks on his face when he encounters new things are priceless. I can not thank enough for this little guy… I attached a couple photos of Koda… Enjoy………..HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!…………Janice



From Christie who has Sergeant, Max and Wessa 2011


Elizabeth- Things have been crazy here in Arizona, but I just wanted to give you an update on our beautiful little boy. We have named him Sergeant. He is such a sweet little guy, and a very quick learner. I’ve been working with him and a K9 trainer from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office, and we are very proud of his progress. We are starting to train him in tracking. I’ve attached a picture of him laying on my work jacket. He has a way of taking the cutest pictures! He rides around with me everywhere in my Mini Cooper, and I caught this photo on our way to town. I’m sure Sergeant in the front seat is going to look funnier and funnier as he gets bigger. He’s my best friend, and a great partner! Hope all is well!








From Caitlin who has Luna, Drago and Indy, 2011



I am very excited to tell you how madly in love I am with my baby girl!! She is the most amazing thing. I have never met, or had, a dog like her. I don’t think she has left my side since I brought her home. If we meet anyone new she it’s right in front of me and watches this new person not making a sound. I think I’ve only taught her things once. She only had a hand full of accidents before she was potty trained (it seems like it only took one day). She gets along with every dog we come across. She is also VERY vocal usually not in a bad way though, just chatty little things here and there makes for a funny house considering we have a very chatty Great Dane also. She has developed quit the intimidating bark. I had a guy jogging down my street and I’m not sure if he just startled her or what but she let out this huge bark and stopped the man in his tracks once he stopped jogging she stopped barking… On another random note I took her to a friends house to meet their kids, they had mentioned that it may not go well considering their oldest who is four is terrified of dogs and doesn’t want anything to do with them. The second I brought Luna in he was in love with her hugging on her kissing her telling his parents how amazing she was. They were completely shocked with his response. As soon as it happened I thought of what you had posted on your site “a dog a burglar will run from but a child can hug” she IS the perfect dog Elizabeth.. Words can not express how thankful I am that I found you… I could ramble on about this amazing dog!



From Katie who has Koda, a Max and Sara puppy, 2010


Elizabeth, I just want to thank you for the work you do in breeding dogs with confidence. Your hard work really shows in Kodi. 11/23/11 From Carina who has Shane a pup from Drago and Chinook, 2011, which Hannah, our daughter, was hired to raise and train for them for her first five months.

Shane is a delight. We love watching her prancing through the woods….wrestling with sticks twice her size, pushing rocks over the ridges with her two front paws just so she can run after them, playing her own form of modified soccer with Pinecones and cavorting with butterflies, moths and bees. She has made us see nature in a totally different way! Thank you againfor her wonderful start in life.



From Lee who has Ace out of Drago and Kindra


Hey Liz, it’s been a long time since I last talked to you. I wanted you to see our Ace. He is growing up. Here he is sitting on hale bales the kids like to jump on. He loves any attention from the kids, whether playing frisbee or fighting the water hose he just wants to be involved in it. A easy going personality makes him a worry free pet to company, but a deep and convincing bark warns strangers to pay attention. Just between you and me I have never seen him aggressive towards anything except another dog when I carelessly feed them together. He still has the puppy feel but I can see his maturation daily it seems. Anyway he is handsome and happy in Ga. Thanks again, Lee.



11-8-11 from Ashley who has Fury out of Drago and Chinook 2011, a text message to my phone:

“E, I LOVE THIS DOG! She’s a dream. Pint sized, packed full of personality, drivey, wild, graceful and FAST agility, and perfect obedience. She is my ideal dog. I simply adore her. She’s blowing through SAR!

11-5-11 from Bill who has Piper out of Hero and Legend 2011


“She’s really smart! We live on a acre and she has explored all of it with a nose to the ground. Vet visit went great. Everyone that has met her have said she has beautiful colors. Sleeps thru the night with only about a minute of whining. Brooke really enjoys her time with Piper. The 2 r growing very close. I want to thank you for the attention you give to your dogs. Your time and dedication can be seen in Piper. I just can’t get over how much Piper knew when she arrived. “






From Christine who is a member of the family who has Willow (Max/Wessa 2009) and now Meadow born 2011 to Drago and Piper(Max/Wessa 2008)


Hello Mrs. Kohl,

I thought you might enjoy a few pictures of Willow and Meadow.They get along splendidly; as you can see from the photos Meadow wants to be just like Willow when she grows up! 🙂 Which is nice, because Willow just gets better and better as she grows older.I call Willow my velcro dog; she always wants to be with me, following me everywhere, even if it means going up and down stairs doing laundry.Meadow is already exhibiting the same trait. 🙂

I think we will have to get Meadow her own bed soon; I have a feeling she and Willow will not be able to lay down on the same dog bed for much longer!She is growing so fast in body and mind: she runs up stairs, sits when told, and comes when she is called!If you haven’t noticed we love them both to pieces!Thank you so much for both of them.

Have a good night,





From James and Ilissa who have a puppy from Piper and Drago, 2011,


“Dear Elizabeth

Just a note to tell you our new addition is doing very well. We still have not decided on a name…hopefully by weekend we will. My wife and I couldnt be more pleased. Her personality is starting to shine through after recovering from her long trip.She made a trip to our small animal vet today and my wife was so proud when he proclaimed “she is perfect”, of course we knew that already. She is so focused, fearless, playful and of course cuddly.I will keep you updated, but we cannot thank you enough for such a fabulous pup.


James and Ilissa “ 10/28/2011 From Amanda who has Xaila from Hero and Legend 2011,

Hey there Elizabeth,

Hope all is going well with you. We’re doing great here in Louisiana. Its finally starting to get a little cooler! I took Xaila to the vet for the 12 week shots today and when we stepped outside the cold hit her and she perked up, eyes bright, ears perked, sniffing–she was so cute. I said “Thats right, this is your type of weather, Miss Idaho.” The vet was so impressed with her (it was a new one filling in for our vet for the day, so this one hadn’t seen her)–He said he could tell just in those few minutes of examining her that she had a solid temperament. He said it more than once- that she had a great temperament and she was very much at ease, which impressed him. He also said she looked really good, but it was the way he said it–like her build was impressive, or the way she held herself or something…he didn’t really explain but he just kept saying it looked like we got a really fine dog! I think he was really impressed with how beautiful she is-he commented on her coloring, her body (strong, solid), her ears, her eyes. He really likes her.

And she really is just SO beautiful! I can’t wait till she’s had her 16 wk shots so I can bring her places. I’m being very patient so we don’t risk her getting sick, but I really want to take her everywhere with me!


She’s doing really well with her preliminary obedience training. Her sit is pretty consistent. and her down is getting there. We’re going to start working with the beginning stages of leash training this next week. I’m a little concerned bc she doesn’t seem to like the leash…but its really important to me to have her walk with me, so I want to make sure we get a solid foundation on that one.

Hope all is well with you! I’ll keep you updated and let you know if I find myself with anymore questions!

Have a good day!





Fom Vanessa who has added second Candle Hill Shepherd to her household, a female from Hero and Legend, 2011. Their first puppy is a male from Hero and Daila, Legend’s dam.


Hi Elizabeth! I wanted to touch base with you and let you know that all is well in Maryland with our new pup, Schatzi. She is incredibly sweet and calm for a pup. She adores her big brother (Tonto, Hero and Daila 2009) as well (perhaps too much 🙂 I’ve had her out everywhere and she loves meeting people and getting attention. Everyone remarks on how beautiful she is. She’s a smart girl and already sits when we get ready to go out the door. Interestingly, she does not seem very motivated by food or toys yet, but is very motivated by praise and a high pitched, loving voice. All of the doubt I had in my head is gone and I am so happy for our family…she’s a wonderful addition and I am amazed each day by how gentle Tonto is with her (and tolerant). Thanks yet again – you picked the right one for me! I hope all is well with your family and dogs. I did get your check, thank you. Take care, Vanessa

Schotzi 11weeks Tonto (Hero and Daila 2009) and Schatzi (Hero and Legend 2011) 10-16-11

From Maellen who has Phoebe our of Max and Wessa, 2008.


“Wanted to let you know that Phoebe earned her third and fourth RAE legs last weekend. We had fun.


Then came the big shock with the arrival of the German Shepherd Review. They did obedience rankings for all levels. 8 points for a score of 200, down to 1 point for a score of 170-174.5. Obviously, the more you show, the better the points will probably be. Phoebe was ranked ninth in Novice B!!! 5 shows and we were having fun. I have no idea what her scores would be if we ever got really serious.”








All goes well at the Hendrix house. “Otto” (as my family has decided) will be his call name and we are still working on his registered name, is doing VERY well. He is quickly adapting to southern Idaho through inclusion in everywhere we go. He slept through most of the night last night in our bedroom. The first couple of nights were somewhat noisy. He is eating well, going on regular walks and interacting great with our older dog. We are happy with his progress. Listed below are some random observations from another dog guy.


* I really like his body type at this point. I am not a AKC Standards expert but I see a compact, powerful front end, very nice movement with good front reach and rear drive.


*Very balanced temperament with a high level of focus and a strong curiosity.


*Strong attachment to new owners.


*Easily trainable with good food motivation and ball drive.


Outside of that, he is a vocal guy with almost a melodic sense. We will continue to expose him to our world and insure he has the right development. Our youngest daughter is coming home from college tomorrow with 9 friends. He will absolutely be the center of attention.


We are happy with him and will send pictures in the next few weeks.


Talk to you soon.”



0-10-11 From Janice who has Koda from Hero and Legend 2011,


Just wanted to drop you a note to say that Koda is doing well. I attached a picture we took yesterday at our barbecue. He is adjusting just fine.. He is so playful and full of energy we just love him. I could not be more satisfied with him… Will send more pictures soon.. Janice




Hello Elizabeth!


I have attached a picture of Jamie and Venus the day after Venus arrived at 8 weeks old and a picture taken today at 4 months old. Venus is such a beautiful puppy! Her rich red and black pigment is absolutely beautiful! She is smart and learns quickly and she has great eye contact! Venus is confident but has a good willingness to please and she responds well to leadership. Venus is happy, energetic and playful – just what Jamie needs! Jamie is a special young man who has amazing strength and Venus is teaching Jamie to access the strength that brought him through cancer, and apply it to other areas of his life. What a blessing! Venus motivates Jamie to live and to live with purpose. Michael and I are so blessed to have the opportunity to teach Jamie how to train Venus. Thank you for your integrity and insight in finding just the right puppy for Jamie!




Michael and Connie Mandell


Alpha K-9 Obedience




Hey there Elizabeth,


How are you? Hope all is well. I’m sure you are still very busy with the current litters. I just wanted to write a little note to update you.


Thank you so much for your response to all of my questions. It was very thorough and it helped a lot. It helped settle us on a few things, so we felt more comfortable doing them (disciplining for nipping and chewing and for potty accidents, and also leaving Xaila in her crate all night with no midnight trips).


Xaila is doing very well and is so great! I cannot say it enough….(and probably will never stop saying it in my emails 🙂 )– I absolutely adore this dog!!!! She has stolen my heart and caused me to fall in love with this breed. I’ve also fallen in love with my breeder (in a completely appropriate way 🙂 ) and will sing your praises to everyone who will listen. These dogs are so well bred. It shows in everything about her– She’s loving and sweet and playful and her focus is amazing. We’ve had her for less than a week and already she is quiet in her crate, has had no inside accidents in two days, sleeps through the night (which she did on night one, by the way!), terrorizes the cat (in a good way–they are having much fun), potties outside in her appropriate places AND when we work on obedience she sits, looks in my eyes and lays down on command.


You were absolutely right about her wanting some privacy for pooping! We started standing in the middle of the yard where we did not want her to poop instead of over to the side where we did want her to poop and sure enough…..in seeking a little privacy she sniffed her way over to the side of the yard where we actually wanted her to potty! PERFECTION in a dog! So she’s going right where she should and we’ve had no more of those “holding it” incidents. Isn’t that great?


Alrighty, have a great day! And know that Xaila is fitting in perfectly and is very loved!



9/14/11 From Guide Dogs of America who are training Justice, a 2009 puppy from Jake and Ulrika.


Justice is coming along… we love her….




Yvonne Martin


Canine Development Manager


Guide Dogs of America




From Glenn who has Elka (Drago/Kindra 2010) and Argus (Max/Wessa 2011), who has just arrived to his new home after his time in our Puppy Foundation Program)


Hi E.,


What a wonderful 3 days it’s been!


Argus is amazing! … he is so calm and loveable … he and Elka have become the best of playmates … although he is quite the handful for big sis at times.


It’s so interesting to see the difference in personalities ….. Elka’s extreme focus and intensity compared to Argus’s independence and easy going nature.


He has slept through the night since day 1.. and is so easy and comfortable in his crate. He knows “sit” very well, has picked up “down” today and after a little reluctance is now happily going up and down stairs … what a smartie! …. We call him our little fox.


He cuddles and is very loveable … I think you truly have made Shannon very happy w/ her little boy.






From Ann who has Valor a 2009 pup from Max and Sara




Valor and I entered a Nose Work 1 trial. We didn’t pass our trial but Valor got third place in the exterior search. She was really just about perfect. If had given her more time in the interior search she would have gotten the location of that hide too. More than one person apparently commented as to how they would “like to have that dog.” And, of course, there were many “beautiful dog” comments. This morning my husband, Paul, remarked that if they ever make opossum a scent in nose work, Valor will excel. She’s cornered a few on her evenings out to get busy.



From Rob who has Loki out of Hero and Daila. 2010


Dear Elizabeth , If you dont remember i am Robert from New jersey ( outside of allentown PA ) Loki ( or arlen on his papers ) is doing great and is the size of a small pony LOL or so my newphew says….. He loves everything from walking with me or running along side me as I jog ( never on a leash ) too swimming when its warm. Ever since he was a pup I brought him around water and boy did it take… Its tough to keep him out. He has lived up to all my expectations and more. He is great with my friends and family ( even my 3 yr old nephew who loves to pull and pinch him ). It was just 1 year ago 5/24/10 when Loki flew into Newark aiport and we met for the first time and it feels like only yesterday. Well hope all is well with you i will try to email some pictures as soon as i figure out how to do that. lol…. i have a nice one from christmas of him lying in from of the christmas tree…. Also he took very well to my training.


From Carine who has a Shane from Chinook and Drago’s 2011 litter, raised for Carine by our daughter Hannah until Shane turned five months old.


Dear Hannah,

It only took us several hours to take note of Shane’s superb temperament and training. Her name recall is fantastic. Her sit, down and walking on a leash are terrific. She bonded immediately with us and follows me everywhere. There is absolutely no need of an umbilical lead for her. Her interaction with Colter is “impressive” to watch. Her puppy playfulness is greeted with exuberance and enthusiasm from Colter leading to lively spirited play sessions, never a growl nor snarl to be heard from either of them. After play and exercise sessions she calms down very nicely in the house.At the Vet appointment she was composed and emanated a sense of confidence that only good breeding and training can provide. Her behavior towards other people and dogs has been marvelous, never a hint of fear or aggression. I love that she has a well-established ball/stick drive and loves to play with her new toys. We will surely spoil her in the months to come. In matter of only a few days she has become a cherished family member. It was only because of your hard work that this integration worked so well and my husband and I thank you.



From Bill who has Gunny out of Max and Sara, 2010, after seeing a picture of a 2011 Max and Wessa puppy, writes:


“Are you sure that the Max and Wessa puppy is not Gunny?That looks a lot like Gunny.

What a great line of dogs you are breeding, they probably have the finest temperment of any GSD’s on earth.

And that is a truly objective opinion!!!”



From Justine who has Leia, a 2008 puppy out of Hero and Dakota


I cannot express enough happy we are with Leia, certainly the best dog we have ever had. She is amazing in everything she does, like placing herself during a party, halfway between the kids playing in the yard (which is an acre) and adults on the patio always keeping a close watch on the kids, this always amazes our friends. She heals beautifully off leash while I walk or run with the baby jogger, very rarely needing a reminder to keep up. She is loving, playful, obedient, social and of course loyal. She truly has no irritating qualities to speak of. Her love of life is contagious. Thank you again.”


From Phil and Stephanie who had Django, a 2009 puppy out of Jake and Dakota



Hello Elizabeth,

Just writing to update you on Django (from Dakota and Jake).He is 2 years old now and such a great member of the family.He is very smart; I have been surprised and pleased how often we only have to teach him


something once and he remembers it.He is well-behaved, healthy, and


handsome.He is very solid with basic obedience commands and some tricks, and could do so much more.I wish I had time to do search and rescue with him- he loves to track and find the kids in the woods.His whole motivation in life is to be with us- particularly with the kids which makes him easy to work with.He is great with other dogs, also. He comes into a meeting with other dogs full of confidence, but has never been aggressive.He guards the house but isn’t a neurotic, barking nuisance.He and our 8 year old son roll around on the floor wrestling and pouncing on each other and Django keeps his bite to the


nibbling level.He plays and manipulates objects and toys with his paws like a raccoon.This is our first German Shepherd so we have no means to compare, but Django is pretty much the best dog in the entire universe.”


From Susan who has Wiley a 2009 Max Wessa Puppy,




I just love reading the updates you send out.I particularly enjoyed the woman describing the reaction she gets when she asks Bella, “what’s this?”.That is one of Wiley’s favorite phrases, and he will run to see what I am looking at whenever he hears it.He is the most curious dog I have ever known.He always tries to “help” me unwrap boxes, extract things out of bags, and (his favorite) pull socks out of the dryer.I quickly learned that if I intent to weed my garden, I have to do it without Wiley out in the yard; when he sees me pulling plants up out of the ground, he also starts biting/pulling plants out of the ground.If only I could teach him which ones are the weeds!

Wiley continues to be a very friendly dog, though he always alerts to anyone/anything approaching the house or yard.He loves to play with other dogs, and is phenomenally good with small dogs and puppies.We couldn’t be happier with him.

When Wiley gets to be around 2 (next October) we may be interested in young (mild) adults that get along well with other dogs.Please keep us in mind.

Thank you for the care you devote to your breeding program.You enrich the lives of all of your puppy families more than you’ll ever know.




From Ashley,


From Ashley, who has Fury out of Drago and Chinook, 2011. Please note, Ashley was one of our first puppy families and one who has been watching our breeding program for years. She wanted Chinook as a puppy but was not in a position to adopt another dog at the time, so Chinook became ours to keep. When we announced the Chinook / Drago breeding, Ashley was first in line, requesting the wildest female puppy of the bunch. If that puppy were to be black and long coated, so much the better. We watched the black puppy with suspense to see if she would be the one and well, here you have it, you have to love Ashley’s description right below the picture of Fury.


Oh how nice it was to get the update!


I have to tell you…this little black whirlwind has captured my heart. I can’t get enough of her. She started puppy class Saturday and was the envy of all. The other puppies were typical rambunctious pups, running and playing. Fury however was sitting beautifully in from of me, focused on me and only me. Didn’t care what else was going on. Pretty soon the teacher (who is a good friend of mine) had to explain why Fury was the way she was and how “different ” shepherds are to train than the other breeds in the group. Ha ha. I was just beaming with pride.


She is like no other pup I have had. Hank was a mush and love bug from the start, and didn’t develop the drive til later. Pyro had beautiful obedience from the beginning, yet no drive til 5-6 months old. This girl just has a “take on the world” attitude and projects it in everything she does. She is bold, inquisitive, focused, and has tons of drive already! She is the dog version of me! I love it. I couldn’t have picked a better pup had I designed her myself. And not only that, but she is BEAUTIFUL! her ears are up and she reminds me of a wolf pup. I just want to hold her all the time! Lol…though those days are over. She wants to be on the ground. She now goes to the door and cries to go potty. Brilliant!


Agility and SAR here we come! She is already tracking and will fly through a tunnel and over an A- frame in the blink of an eye. Also…a recall to die for! This girl is simply incredible. I dare say this, as I have had some amazing pups, and in turn amazing working dogs (Pyro, Hank, Leo, Loki)…but she may be the best yet. Haven’t had one with the confidence and drive that she has, this early on.


You did it again, E! I am so glad I waited for this litter. She and I are going to do great things. I have to stop myself because I could go on and on. Just know that I couldn’t be happier with my girl and of course my wonderdog Hank.


Three day trial this weekend…wish us luck!


Hugs! 🙂



From Evelyn who has Shadow, a Hero/Dakota daughter, 2008

“Elizabeth, I thought I would share this with you because I have never had this happen! I was walking Shadow/Splash with Wisteria’s help and had a total of 3 people pull over to tell me what a lovely GS I had. This happened in the space of half a mile. I’m bowled over! Thank you so much for her.”

4/10/11 Fom Patrick in Florida who has Sasha a Jake & Ulrika pup 2010


Image 1


As promised, here is our beautiful girl @ 9.5 months old, full of energy and eager to learn. She loves the out doors, rain drops, chasing ducks and lizards. She’s also fascinated with a spitting water hose and loves to drink out of it. Still in her exploring stages, with everything new to her, she has to investgate all objects in her sights and senses. She is listening more and gradually learning to control distractions and follow commands 80% of the time. I had promised her a sister when she is mature enough to lead the new puppy, just like our late Pepper took care of her when she was a puppy. Anyway Liz, enough said, you’ve done a wonder job before she came to us. Thanks again and looking forward our next pup.

Take care (Semper Fi) Patrick

4/5/2011 From Bill who has Gunny II from Max and Sara 2010


Gunny II is still the greatest dog you have ever bred.We are having so much fun with him.He gets along well with everyone, even the little kids that stick their faces in his.


He seems to sense the vulnerability of weaker folks and keys down to their strength, what a great dog.And he loves to play with other dogs.A good friend has an 80 pound Boxer.She brought him over and they played for 4 hours in our house.Wow a great time they had, and us too.


There must be something unique about coated shepherds.


Bill, owner of the greatest Candlehill Shepherds – Shepherd.




From Greg who has Sheba from Jake and Tag 2006


Dear Elizabeth,


Sheba is doing great and is a much loved part of our family. For example, we were on vacation last week in the Florida Keys and when I asked Sam if he wanted to stay longer, he said no and that he was ready to go home. When asked why, he said to see Sheba. Considering that we were in the Florida Keys (85 & Sunny) and we live in Cleveland (35 & rainy), that says a lot.





From Sheila who has Justice, the Guide Dogs of America Puppy, out of Jake and Ulrika, 2009.


Hi Elizabeth,


Well, Justice continues to impress me but more importantly, she continues to impress the “powers that be” at Guide Dogs of America. She was in recently for a check up and evaluation and when I came to pick her up, I was told, “she blew us out of the water!” She was given an obidence/temperament test by two separate trainers and they were thoroughly impressed! I’ve said this before and I will say it again, GDA loves her. She adapts very well to situations that might otherwise stress the dogs – particularly other GSD that have been in the program. Here we are 14 months later (she is now 16 mos old) and Justice is still going strong! She remains the ONLY GSD in the Guide Dogs of America program. (The other two GSD that were in the program when she arrived at 8 weeks old were “dropped” only a short time later.)


I will continue to update you on her progress and success in the guide dog program.


Take care and Happy Spring!



3/27/11 From Tom who has Ranger, a Strongheart (V Imo vom Werraufer SCH III, FH) and Baccara pup, 2006. Litter H.


Greetings Elizabeth, Just a line on Ranger my best and loyal buddy.


Ranger now four years and three months old is all I or anyone could ask for in a German Shepherd. Simply my best friend , he goes to work with me everyday. Well trained and has a super tracking nose. Sleeps by my side at night and if I allow it, steps between me and any stranger he doesn’t know. Police trained, he lets everyone know that to get to me they have to go through him. We also have three Jack Russell terriers who he loves and tolerates them climbing on him. He is a great pack leader for his little pack very tolerant. He is very polite when I feed him and not a pig like some dogs I have had.


Although not practical I would like four or five just like him. Thank you so much for what you do and for bringing Imo and Baccara together for me to have Ranger. Best Regards ,Tom, San Antonio,Texas


3/25/11 From Maellen, who has Phoebe, a Max/Wessa puppy 2008.


Just wanted you to know that Phoebe finished her Novice Standard Preferred agility title with a third place, and finished her Novice Jumpers With Weaves agility title with a second place today at Moses Lake! She ran so smoothly – winter off must have been good for her. I’m still getting a lot of comments on how beautiful she is. Do you have business cards? At the obedience trials I get a lot of “Where did you get her?”


As always, thank you for blessing me with Phoebe.


Maellen, Washington


3/25/11From Glenn who has Elka, a Drago/Kindra puppy 2010


Hi Elizabeth!


Just wanted to drop you a quick note on how much we are enjoying the gift of having Elka.


It’s hard to believe it’s only been about 3 months since she has joined our family … seems like she has been with us forever.


She is growing every day and is over 40 lbs now!


It’s amazing to see how much she grows intellectually and emotionally each week as well. This week we opened the rest of the house to her and she has adapted so quickly. She loves to “herd” the three cats and the couch is now her favorite spot to go after a long walk. She is really starting to respond to our commands when we have her outside off leash. We take her for a walk in the woods daily and she never wanders more than a dozen yards away and comes each time when we call her … yesterday she even did this when we saw deer in the woods … although she does love to chase squirrels.


Besides the usual commands, her “stay” is coming along amazingly well … she will sit stay and down stay outdoors while I walk away about 100 yards and will come when I call her after about 5 minutes …. Cheese is her favorite treat in training …we have a saying, that she should have a sign around her neck that says “I work for food”.


She is becoming a cuddle bug even! … while still aloof at times and definitely her own dog, she is starting to enjoy those special times of curling up on the floor on top of our feet or on the couch … we love our little girl!


She definitely has drive … and agility seems to be her forte. This weekend I had her down at the pond playing in the water. We have a large dead tree about 50 feet long that spans one end of the pond … she climbed up on one end and walked all the way across to the other end on her own!. Every time we come to a downed tree on our walks, she loves to start a trot and jump over the fallen tree.


Thanks for selecting this special girl for us. When we have her out in the city, everyone stops to look at her and comment on how gorgeous she is and wants to pet her. Of course being the natural protector she is already becoming, she gives each of them a few warning woofs 1st before letting them near.


Hope all is well w/ you!


Glenn, New York


3/22/11 From Kathy who has Lucy, a Drago/Kindra puppy 2010


Hi Elizabeth!


I just want to let you know how much we are enjoying Lucy!! She is so much fun! We take her camping with us and she does wonderful!! We are suppose to keep her on a leash or tied up when we are camping, so we have a cable that we put her on when we are by the campfire and she does GREAT!!


This past weekend we went camping and there was a field where she could run and play with our friends cocker spaniel and she had a blast!!


When we take her for walks, people comment on how pretty she is and I want to answer back “ I KNOW!” but I say “Thank You”. We Love her so much!!


She does very well traveling in the motor home. We usually keep her in her kennel in the motor home but on our return trip this weekend we let her out………..not a good idea!


She went behind the driver’s seat and came up between the driver’s door and Greg, she sat there for a while with her head on his leg, but then she tried to go under his legs to get back to me. Needless to say, she finished the trip home in her kennel.


I check your website everyday and loved seeing the newest litter!


I just found my camera again so I will send pictures soon.


Laurie and John took some pictures so I hope they sent them to you.


Hope you are doing well!


Take Care!


Kathy, Washington

3/21/11 From my sister, Laurie, who met her in-laws Candle Hill Shepherd puppy out of Drago and Kindra, 2010, “Lucy is a beautiful dog. She’s also smart and calm.”


3/18/11 From Karl who has both Saga from Drago and Kindra, 2010, and Var from Jake and Ulrika, 2010


“Hi Elizabeth, …Wanted to let you know how the puppies are doing. Saga is turning out to be an amazing dog, very smart and is learning to behave nicely. She is built like a tank, very strong and agile and always looks you in the eyes when you talk to her, I am very pleased with her. Var is also a great dog albeit a lot more mischievous than Saga, her colors have held and she has a beautiful coat. I hope everything is well with you and your entire family. Sincerely, Karl=




From Marcia who has Raven, Strongheart (V Imo Vom Werraufer SCH III, FH) and Ulrika, 2008


Hi, a little note: yesterday, Raven and I went for our lesson with ****, and there were 3 gentleman there who were looking to purchase… a male GSD, Czech. bred 2 yr old. That dog is handsome and very nice…very obedient, and **** uses him sometimes to work with Raven. It seems though that when Raven arrived, their interest was on her. They were very impressed with her and commented ( a lot) about her look and her strength and her overall quality. I whispered “I love you” in her ear. They wanted to know how I found her, and I told them that after much searching, I narrowed it down to 3 breeders in the US. They asked me why I picked you, and I told them it was because of you and your interest in breeding the finest dog you could for quality, diversity, and health. Your website conveys so much excellent information, as does your emails. But most of all, because I realized that someone who cared so much about her dogs, was someone I could trust and I have never been disappointed in my choice. Raven and I love you.

2/24/11 From Penn who has Missy, a Hero/Wessa daughter, 201


Our Missy is now 9 months old and the total love of our life. She’s about 80 lbs. of happy, energetic, friendly puppy.She finished her “puppy” class training and is now in intermediate dog class. She also just passed her AKC STAR Puppy test with flying colors.Can her CGC be far behind?We couldn’t have found a more perfect match for us in a GSD than if we’d had a magic wand. As I write this she is asleep right beside me in my office; she’s never far away from me. Thank you for sending us such a wonderful dog. I’ll try to get pictures off to you soon. Penn



From Rachel and Adam who have Thor, Jake and Dakota 2009


Hello Elizabeth!

I just wanted to drop a little note for Thor’s birthday. He’ll be two years old tomorrow!

Thor just LOVES running and playing in the snow. He goes outside and chases his tail and rolls in it. We have at least two feet standing on the ground, more in some places and drifts. He’s very well behaved and listens very well.We don’t have to crate him anymore, he is free to roam the living room when we are away and he appreciates being able to look out the window. We are able to walk him off leash through the woods so he can run and play, though he never strays far and always stays in a sight line. When I take him jogging alone, he naturally heels by my side or jogs just far enough ahead to keep a look out! He’s a very good guard dog. Always keeping one ear tuned to sounds around the house, and always keeping an eye on us. When we have guests he always guards the person that falls asleep first. He’s a great look out. His personality is so sweet and friendly. Everyone who meets him just loves him. He’s happy all the time. Our 18 month old niece was over just last weekend (always under close supervision, of course). He was very gentle around her, but confused and kept trying to sniff her face. She thought he was great. She threw the ball for him for hours. He would catch it in the air and drop it in her lap. He and Buddy are getting along well these days. They enjoy playing together inside and out, though Buddy would prefer the spring.

We just love him. He’s an indispensable member of our family. We can’t thank you enough for bringing him to us. I’ve uploaded a few pictures and a couple of videos to a picasa web album, I’ll send the link right after this.
Rachel and Adam



From Peggy who has Lilly a Hero/Wessa pup, 2010





From Lindsey who has Massimo, a Max/Sara pup 2010


Hi Elizabeth!


I am forwarding several photos of Massimo from today at the nearby park! He has so much energy! He is doing great and we get so much joy from him! He just graduated from “puppy junior high” with honors, of course! He can come, sit, down, shake, “touch”, crawl, spin, jump, stay, “on your bed”, “in your crate”. He still loves playing with other dogs better than anything….oh, and rolling in the grass like he is exfoliating! He is a goofball. And so, so, handsome- a real looker! We love him!!


Warm wishes to you and your family!





From Gwen and Jim who have Leia, Drago/Indy 2010



Thought you would be interested in a few pictures of our girl! She is growing so fast, is doing really well housebreaking, has learned to sit for everything, had her 3rd bath yesterday (loves to play in the water and dig, we both had a bit of water on us when finished), and is exploring more outside. She’s smart, bull-headed (as Jim calls it!) and really needs a working task all the time — oh, how I miss my recliner!


Giving her two balls at a time keeps her busy for a little while while she tries to figure out how to bring them both back (see photo)!Thank you so much for giving her such a great start! She has added a lot of joy to our lives!




From Angel who has Robbie, Hero/Daila 2010


Robby is doing great he is getting so big. As soon as i get some more pictures of him I will send them to you. I have some pictures on my face book page of him. Already he is such a good watch dog but people don’t know that he just really wants to go lick them all up hahaha.He loves sticks every time he goes outside he will go to a bush an break a branch off if he can’t find any on the ground. Well we will be talking again an we want to thank you again cause we just love him so much. Take care Angel

2/9/11 Frojm Will who has Kona from Drago/Indy 2010


Hello Elizabeth,


Your picture gave us a good laugh….as you can see…Kona takes after his dad. He looks like Indy and is a big 50lbs so far. In December Meagan went snowboarding and Kona went exploring.


He is coming along well with obedience and is perfect being the yard protector when he is outside. We could not have asked for any better drives and personality.


Hope all is well out there. Sounds like the snows hit you hard. Your dogs are looking good.


Stay safe,





From Susan who has Beau, Strongheart/ Daila 2009


Beau is maturing by leaps and bounds. Physically he looks more like a grown dog – still a little filling out to do but absolutely stunning (but you knew that). When he runs it is something to watch. Full of self confidence, head high, not missing a thing. He takes his job of protecting the house and yard very seriously. I pity the fool who would try to breach the fence. He is learning what is truly important to watch and what can be ignored, which I love. I am finally able to have my grand son at the house and not worry one bit about Beau’s behavior. While he still wants to play with him as though he is another dog, he is absolutely gentle and tolerant with him. Love it!




From Marcia who has Raven, Strongheart/Ulrika 2008


Well, Raven and I went to the seminar …this past weekend. It was an enlightening experience as we got to meet new people who had dogs and I got to see another part of what the dog world is about…..


First let me tell you how Raven compared with the dogs I saw….Out of the 30+ people there (most brought dogs), Raven stood out like a beacon. Her beauty and stunning glossy black coat were unmatched. Her sharp prancing when taken out for a walk was unique; no other had the look of a prancing pony. Some people remarked, but most others paid attention quietly. It was amazing. I got to see that I have a very special beauty here…not that I didn’t already think so. Now I know why … one of our trainers, always says she is his dream dog (and not to me, but to other trainers who work with him). I saw heads turn; it was amazing.




The main point I want to tell your is that I wonder if you know what a special quality of dog you are bringing into this world. The more I get around with her; the more I realize what a gem of a dog she is, and you did that. She has features that are outstanding. She has a thick glossy coat of which I have seen none better; her ears if you can believe it are even bigger that they were; she prances like a pony …not just walking. There is a man at …Beach…. Each time he sees us there, he is happy and one day he told us he just likes to look at her and watch how she moves. I think she is happy and confident and I would never ever want that to go away. Yeah, still sometimes she is nutty, but she just seems to blossoming.


By the way, the young girl at the seminar had her girlfriend with her who was looking to buy a dog; she really liked Raven and I passed your website address onto to her. I hope she follows through and buys one of your dogs.




Sorry to be so long, but had lots to tell.


Marcia & Raven



From Scott who has Boomer, Max and Wessa 2008


Hello Elizabeth!

I purchased Boomer from you back in 2008 and my girlfriend has been after me to get her own “Boomer” Shepherd ever since lol. I saw that you might be having another Max/Wessa pairing this year so I was wondering when you were thinking that would occur.

Boomer is doing fantastic, he is around 96lbs has a fantastic demeanor and is the most handsome shepherd on the planet according to everyone who sees him. He is great around kids and other dogs and the best watchdog you could ask for! He and my other shepherd Logan are inseparable.

Also my friend Gene that I sent your way has “Bandit” she is also doing very well and is a gorgeous example of the breed.




We would be interested in a long haired shepherd of the same coloration as Max and Wessa and if possible I would love another from their litter as they have such a fantastic record of producing amazing pups.




1/4/2011 Fro Rich who has Luger, a Strongheart/Daila son adopted as an adult,


Hey Elizabeth, I just wanted to give you a quick update.Luger is doing great and really adjusting well.We have my son visiting and he brought a little 10 month old Chihuahua puppy. I was worried that Luger may not deal with this visitor very well. Well he adjusted quickly and they are quickly becoming the


best of friends. It is really funny to see them play together and how gentle Luger is with him. Anyway, I thought I would just let you know how things are going.


I hope you enjoyed your holidays…


Thanks again




From Bill who has Gunny, a Max/ Sara son, 2010


This was at our neighbors mother’s 90th Birthday party.She is an avid animal lover, so Gunny got up on her lap and licked her face.Probably not the smartest thing to a frail woman in a wheelchairin a nursing home, but she liked it.

He is the greatest dog.Sweet personality, loves people, and loves tracking.Lots of puppy energy still, he is a dream dog.

Whatever you did, do it again.



12/23/10 From Ken and Beth of Virginia, who have Blitz, Hero and Daila 2010.


Blitz will be 9 months old tomorrow. He’s growing like a weed. We promise to send some pics of him after the holidays. He has been undergoing a lot of formal training the last several months and is doing really well. You definitely picked the right dog for us. We love him to death. happy holidays.



From Angel who has Robbie from Hero and Daila, spring 20


“Hi Elizabeth, as soon as Robby matures we definitely will be getting another one !!!!! Robby is such a joy to have we love him so much. I have some pics of him i will send them to you !!! Thank you Angel “



What the ASCA Rally Judge in Georgia wrote to Robin, the owner and handler of Annie (Dagger/Tag Litter A 2004) and Cooper (Strongheart/Bree, Litter G 2006)


They are among the most level-headed German Shepherds I’ve seen in a long time, and I can tell they enjoy what they do in the ring for you.”




Robin with Cooper and Annie and another Judge after winning in Obedience and Rally


12/4/10 From Mary Ann who has Gretchen a Drago/ Indy Puppy 2010


Hi Elizabeth,


…..She is a lover. Wants to be hugged and rubbed and patted all the time. She will try anything for love. That’s ok with me. She is not very mouthy yet. She licks very gently. She still jumps on us. Lots of off commands and treats when she doesn’t jump. She is a lover and wants your attention all of the time. She loves toys and chews. She likes to play with you and wants to be the center of all attention. Of course she is the center. …. She give us many laughs and fun. We use Gretchen as a call name. It seemed to fit her and she responds well to it. She is my baby and maybe she is a little spoiled.…Mary Ann

11/30/10 From Jody who has Mia, from Max and Sarah, 2010


Dear Elizabeth,


I had Mia spayed yesterday and they told me she was already micro- chipped.I am assuming that have already registered her in my name, and I just want to thank you as it has been such a wonderful experience buying a puppy from you. This is the sweetest and most beautiful female german shepherd I have ever seen and I am sooooo happy you sold her to me.thank you again for all your excellent work.Sincerely, Jody Shamansky PS I am doing my best to give her the most wonderful life–she deserves it.




From Evelyn who has Splash, from Hero and Dakota, 2008



I can’t tell you greatful I am for Splash/Shadow ( Yes she has two names and she comes to both everyone can’t seem to help it!) God really moved with this dog. I was weary because I’ve never had a female dog growing up and I was always under the impression that they were the softer more timid sex of -any- dog breed. What I wanted was a male German Shepard or Belgain Terv. puppy that could be my dog. I have had dogs growing up and I had taken over a friend’s dog( A Boarder Collie who was a cat dog that finally passed away of old age at the age of 16/17) a few years before I got married but none of them honestly felt like -my- dog so a puppy was on the order. I also knew given my daughter a pound puppy was not an answer because I didn’t have anyone who could honestly vouche for temperment. I also was weary of the way Wisteria and Shadow first started off. It was rocky do to trying to close on a house, living with my mother ( not pet friendly) and my father ( pet friendly and loves Shadow like she is his. Very spoiled when we go visit), getting out of an apartment and moveing and the list is so much longer of the stress that this poor critter was under as well as her new family. While she’s shy when she feels she can be she is as bold as brass when the occassion calls for it.

I know this story makes me sound like one of the worest parents out there but I only left her long enough for a potty break with the instructions that she stay with Shadow (who is staked in the yard). However, as Nancy Wright continues to tell people it’s just not fair being Wisteria’s mom.

Wisteria decided to take Shadow for a walk( She would be with Shadow, right?) without telling me and they ended up walking to her daycare because she and Shadow wanted to go play with the kids( No fear in this 3yr what so ever). This means they not only had to walk close to half a mile with traffic and street crossing but she also had to open the gate to the back yard, take Shadow off her run, find and put the leah on the dog. She had to figure out what direction they had to walk in to get there ( Clearly -not- my sense of direction in this child.) They made it to the day care safe and sound.


Meanwhile, I am in an utter panick. The child is gone! The only witness who could taddle on her is gone. My yard is completely empty and no one is answering when I call names. I start walking and getting the sinking feeling I was going to have to explain 3 things to her dad: Why child services had his daughter; why she had been hit by a car or why I couldn’t locate her at all. One of my neighbors drives past me and wants to know if I’m looking for a little girl and a German Shepard. Relief!


Let me tell you why they made it all the way over there with nothing happening to Wisteria;as we come up the hill there’s Shadow holding two or three familys and two cops at bay. She is standing on the side of the road between Wisteria, cars and all these people. Not being overly agressive but you could tell she was not letting anyone near the child without an ok from the right person. Her attention would bounce between staying between Wisteria and anyone else moveing ( big job as this is not an easy thing to do with a toddler trying to get around you and 6+ adults with the same goal.) When I got out of the car I asked Shadow to Plots at a good distance. She laid down and let Wisteria around her finally however she only stayed there long enough for Wisteria to run to me.


I was told Shadow had stayed between Wisteria and traffic the whole way. That she ‘boofed’ and lifted hackles rather than barked or growled as someone tried to get close enough to talk to Wisteria. She was as soft with her warnings to strangers as she is takeing bones and toys from my daughter. I am in love( I hope Shadow feels the same) and forever greatful. With my husband serveing over seas this is exactly the dog we needed; someone gentle enough to be a family dog and bold enough to go through barrier to get to someone who didn’t belong. I have no doudt she would go through a door or window to be with us (because she has) or if something where wrong and I have no doudts in saying there is nothing Wisteria can do to her to cause an agressive bite ( something everyone worrys about. Me more so because I know the child Shadow has to live with)or growl. Shadow is very forgiveing of the handfulls of fur and skin that get hauled on, collars that get twisted or pulled, being used as a couch or pony and playing dressup( I really need to send you a picture of this you might die at the indignity of it all) .


Elizabeth, thank you so much for the care you put into breeding and thank you for sharing such a wonderful one of a kind ( I’m sure you hear this alot) dog.





11/25/10 From Ted who has Indago, Indy/Drago, 2010


Hello Elizabeth:



Just an update on our Pup, very pleased with him, he is extremely trainable and quick to learn.



His name is Indago, after his mother and father, although it did take quit a while to name him, he accepted and responded to it as if it was his name from birth.



I have tried to expose this pup to about everything and anything possible, different things and noises etc., the pup is incredible, nothing seems to bother him and he does not cower or back down from anything, this puppy has nerves of steel. Further more he does possess and incredibale sense of smell, of which we have been developing, although I’m a firm believer of all dogs being born with the same sense of smell, some show additional sense of which makes it much easier to develop.



He is a great pup and we are very pleased with him.



Thanks Elizabeth.




From David, Personal Protection Trainer, who has a female Hero/Wessa 2010 pup


I just wanted to let you know that our puppy is doing great. She has just the drives we wanted and look forward to what she will be able to accomplish. I will send pictures. Thanks, David

10/21/10 From Will, former K9 Handler, who has Kona, from Drago/Indy 2010

Hello Elizabeth,

He has the best temperament I have seen. He is fearless of items and loud noisy things. He is bored with car rides and it might as well be his big crate on wheels. Our walks are comical but he is getting the hang of it.

Thank you again. Will

10/15/2010 From Erich who has Jinx from Max and Wessa 2009


Dear Elizabeth:

I must apologize that I have not written so far and thanked you for the wonderful dog we have purchased from you. It is such a joy to work with Jinx (Walburga). She is the fastest learner, good with other dogs and people and so much fun to have. The obedience training is a piece of cake for her. Unfortunately, I have not started the tracking training, because I was slow in reading and educating myself. Now I have learned that I should have begun already 6 months ago. But I am sure we will catch up very fast. I am not big on taking pictures, but I will do that now. As soon as I have some pictures I will send them to you, so that you can see what a beautiful dog she is and in which environment she lives. Thanks again. Erich

11/16/10 From Bob who has Ulika, one of the adult dogs we placed.


Got your e-mail. The pups are beautiful. I also wanted to take a moment to give you an update on Rika. You could not have been more right, she’s an awsome dog. Extreamly loving, obedient and protective. She has calmed down and is comfortable with sounds around her now, they are no longer new to her. …Have a good Thanksgiving and God bless

11/9/10 From Jill who has Rommel, formerly Raider, one of the young adults we placed,


Rommel is resting (maybe sleeping… looks very peaceful) at my side as I write to you. Long walks and throwing a ball really work! I can’t believe he’s been here just 1-1/2 weeks. From the way he has settled in, it seems like a lot longer. I really couldn’t be more pleased! He is happy and so am I. We are bonded.


My son, Will, and Rommel have become good pals. They go on weekend adventures and have had some great romps. When I am in the mix, however, Rommel only watches and listens to me. I am definitely his alpha person.


Elizabeth, thank you, again, for my wonderful dog!





10/20/10From Sheila who is the Guide Dogs of America puppy raiser for Justice, Jake and Ulrika’s 2009 Litter X,


Good morning, Elizabeth,


AKC test and level 3 grad


Just saw your recent update and thoroughly enjoyed reading it, as always.Well, I wanted to give you a little update on our girl, Justice. On September 28th, she had her first official evaluation with Guide Dogs of America and to no surprise, passed! Her overall report was “very good” with only a couple remarks such as, “Justice jumps when she is excited and sometimes on her formal come” and “work on her pulling and loose leash stride.” She rarely pulls with me but I do know she pulls and pushes her boundaries with trainers she does not know or when she is out of her comfort zone. As for the jumping, I can’t seem to break her of this. She gets so excited with people. I know the jumping is unacceptable, but getting excited when she sees someone she likes, I’m not sure that is such a bad thing, 😉 …. Tomorrow we will complete Level 3 of our training and she will take the AKC training test. I am certain she will pass that will flying colors too! Justice continues to be an amazing dog! She is so much fun to have around. The whole family has bonded with her greatly. My husband keeps telling me that I have grown more attached to her than I did with Fahrenheit and I tend to agree with him. She follows me around and rarely leaves my side. She is so well behaved and loyal. GDA just adores her! They’ve said she is like no other GSD they’ve had in the program. She adjusts very well at the kennels, is a good eater and has the personality of a Lab!! haha It will be a very sad day when I have to give her up next April. I wanted to share some more recent pictures of her…. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks again and I will keep you posted on her progress.Have a great day!Sheila



From Denise who has our beloved Ulrika, “Rika”, our seven year old dam to many of our pups, now in her forever home,




I have been thinking about you often as I have been wanting to write a note of thanks to you. I have to say that prayer really does work. When we lost Lady I never would have dreamed that another dog could fill that hole that she left in Bob’s heart. (I attached a picture of Lady along with my younger sons pug and my older sons girlfriend, this is the only picture I can find of her) Lady was extremely special to us because we raised her from a pup and she had a vocabulary larger than most people. We have found that Rika has a lot of the same characteristics as Lady but in a different way. Hard to describe. Rika is more affectionate towards me and does not care how much you pet and hug her.


Rika make us both smile all day long. She is the true princess around here. She will not sleep in her bed, I guess she was never used to that. Anyways, thank you again. Rika is all you said she is and more. I am so thankful that you where very truthful to us because I don’t think I could have put her back on a plane to ship her back. I have to say she was glad to get out of the crate when we met her at the airport. Bob had to place the crate away out of her site because she does not want anything to do with anymore.


Thanks again,






From Charlie who has Sangha, a Tag/ Jake Puppy, Litter E, 2006


Dear Elizabeth,


Thank you so much for the interesting and informative update!


I am so happy that your breeding program is going so well and that you continue to enrich so many lives with the companionship of these


wonderful shepherds.We love our Sangha so much.She is a great


traveler and is always ready for a road trip.My mother-in-law has Alzheimer’s, andshe moved in with us last March, so now we have caregivers and physical therapists et. al. here every day. And that means that Sangha has lots of new friends who love her and think she is a super dog.A few weeks ago, my mother-in-law took a tumble in the middle of the night, and we didn’t hear her. Sangha went wild barking, and refused our entreaties to be quiet until we got up and found her on the floor.She was a very modest heroine.Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful dog into our lives.





From Lindsay who has Massimo, Max and Sara Litter B10, 2010

Massimowithfriends500 Hi Elizabeth, This is a photo I’ve been intending to send you for the last few weeks! Massimo was quite a celebrity at the Farmer’s Market that day! We couldn’t walk 2 feet without people stopping to gush over him! Our proud daughter is on the left, and her best friend, another dog lover, on the right. Mr. Fluffernutter, as I now often call him, is doing so great. He weighs 40 lbs this week! He is goofy, playful, still mello at times, and still quiet in his crate every night (he has moved into the bigger crate), He LOVES playing with other dogs and is very social when meeting new dogs- no barking, unless someone else is unfriendly. I have taught him how to shake and he is learning to find certain toys when asked. He did his first hike with us in the Cascades, where we got to let him hike off leash. Stays close to us. He has caught the eye of everyone in our neighborhood too and has quite a large fan club. 🙂 He is settling into his place in our family and getting lots of attention and love. We are so happy to have him! Hope all is well with your family of people and dogs! Take care! Lindsey, 9-7-2010 From Kattie who has Kodiak, Max and Sara Litter B10, 2010 Elizabeth, I thought you might like to know how much Kodiak likes to track. Saturday night my husband and I took the boys tracking. Since Thunder (not a Candle Hill Shepherd) needs one person to act as a brake and one person to help him focus on the track, we tied Kodiak to a pole. His track also needed some time for the scent to set. Well, Kodiak had other plans. A few minutes into working with Thunder, we had a surprise visitor named Kodiak. He broke free from his leash and wanted to track! We quickly put Kodiak on a leash and I ran him the track while my husband took care of Thunder. After the excitement we checked the leash to figure out how Kodiak disrupted Thunder’s session. The leash was fine and we found his tags. We looked at his collar and saw it was ripped near the rivets and near the buckle. He broke his leather collar! We never saw this happening. I hope you’re laughing with us because that’s all we could do. 9-6-2010 From Vanessa who has Tonto, Hero and Daila Litter U, 2009 9-2010-300 Hi Elizabeth! It’s so very hard to believe, but Tonto will turn a year old tomorrow and I wanted to send you a thank you. Thanks you for sending me this wonderful dog. Tonto is so much a part of the family. He is calm and sweet and watches the kids like a hawk. I remember you telling me about a puppy that always wanted to be near you, and Tonto is still so much that way. He’s never more than so many feet from where I am. Now I’m sure you will get a few e-mails about Tonto’s brothers and sisters and hear about all sorts of incredible things they are doing with tracking and SAR and Schutzhund, etc. I don’t know that we will ever go that route with Tonto (although he sure could if we wanted to). I just wanted to let you know that your wonderful line of working and protection dogs also produced one heck of a family companion in Tonto. We love him. Vanessa 9-1-10 From Brian who has Loki, Max and Sara Litter B10, 2010

Loki is doing great! He’s doing extremely well learning tricks and everyone here loves him. The other day when I took him to the vet for the second time for his boosters the receptionist asked me about you. She said someone was looking for a german shepherd and told him, “in a couple days there will be a gorgeous puppy coming in named Loki, I’ll ask his owner.” I don’t know if he wants a long coat but I gave your card to the receptionist. I took him to puppy socialization at PetCo and even the trainer said he should be in Agility Competitions because he has such good temperment.

8-28-10 From Maellen who has Phoebe from Max and Wessa Litter P 2009 Phoebe is not yet two years old. Hi, Just wanted to let you know that Phoebe made her agility debut today with first place in Novice Standard Preferred 20″ (score 100) and high score of all the preferred Novice Standard dogs. We won’t discuss jumpers with weaves. I’m so proud of her. She’ll also start showing in Open Obedience this fall, and working for her third Rally Excellent leg. We’re staying busy! Thanks again for her. Maellen 8-20-2010 From Rachel who has Bea, a pup from Max and Sara, Litter B10, 2010

Dear Elizabeth, Bea is doing great with Aiden. He has also fallen on her several times (he is kind of a klutz getting off of the couch sometimes), and she just moves out of the way – no aggression whatsoever. She loves to follow him when they are outside playing. We have just had to make sure she doesn’t get too into trying to herd him. We use the “uh-uh” noise to tell her to leave things alone, and Aiden has picked that up, and will now move toys or snacks to an opposite hand and say “uh-uh, Bea” when she comes to sniff at them. Both babies are training up nicely. 🙂 My mom gets irrigation water once a week that floods her half-acre front yard and fills up a pond in front of the house, and we take Bea every time the water comes in. She LOVES running through the water, and is actually getting to be quite the good swimmer. She retrieves from the water beautifully, and even follows us into the pond sometimes just for the fun of it. In general, she is very solid at retrieving things and bringing them back to me. She is even learning to distinguish “her” stick from others lyin