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A Different Testimonial

This testimonial is somewhat different from others posted on this site. Although I did not receive a puppy from Elizabeth, I wanted to inform others, who may be considering doing business with Elizabeth, of my memorable learning experience. Throughout the entire pre sale stage, she has answered promptly all my e-mails, as well as, questions over the phone. Elizabeth’s top priority is determining what the customer wants in a German Shepherd and only then seeing if their needs match the carefully observed traits of a pup from one of her litters.

She makes you feel comfortable no matter what type question you ask, with a final goal in mind of possibly matching one of her pups with a caring/loving owner. With no holds barred, she tells it exactly as it is, which may not be what the person wants to hear. In my situation it became evident after numerous back and forth communication, that what I was asking for was not realistic and possibly beyond my capabilities. We mutually agreed that there was no match in the litter for what I initially thought I wanted and could handle. Again Elizabeth’s top and only priority is to provide the best match and not just a quick sale.

It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Elizabeth, and I am sure that the many others who have received pups from Candle Hill Shepherds share my same opinion. I highly recommend this breeder if you are looking for a German Shepherd and you want to deal with someone that regards your comments and desires and at the same time wants to understand the traits of each pup in the litter and ultimately match the two. She is an extremely honest and professional person. If not for some of the strange things happening over the Internet, I would have provided my phone number and Internet address in the event someone wishes to speak to me. I offer these comments and request that Elizabeth post these on her site.

Bill {German Shepherd owner}, Pennsylvania 3/18/2008