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Sonar Takes a Break

For two and a half weeks, Sonar has been in the whelping box diligently taking care of her puppies.  Today when I let her outside, after a few minutes, as is our pattern, I invited her back in to be with her puppies again.  She looked at me with a twinkle that said, “That’s not my plan,” and then she proceeded to advise me through her eyes that it really was a nice day to go for a walk.  So we did.

Her expressions were such joy that upon returning home, I headed inside to get the camera.  Can you see the glint in Sonar’s eyes?  This dear dog has grown so special to me especially these last few weeks.  How she communicates is simply heart warming.  Like the day a few days prior to having her puppies when she looked at the rubber suction bulb that we had in preparation for whelping and as clear as words told me, “What I really want is a Kong”.  We looked around the house to find her a Kong and she thanked me by playing with it all that day.

Here are today’s pictures.  I can’t help but smile along with this happy mama dog 🙂


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