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Magnum and Mokka Puppies

Magnum/Mokka: BORN August 24, 2015

Puppies going home: October 19, 2015



That we are able to bring back our old very strong lines out of (Strongheart) V Imo vom Werraufer SCH III, FH and Ulrika Anrebri ZVV1, through Magnum is remarkable.   The breeding betweeen Strongheart and Ulrika produced several fantastic dogs including Rika, the Therapy Dog, and Axel, the remarkable Search and Rescue Dog in Colorado.  These lines are outstanding in hip health, solid temperament, and strong nerve.  The opportunity to combine these traits with Mokka’s calm focus should produce puppies that are true to our goal of a dog a burglar will run from but a child can hug.

Only a few puppies still available.   To see pictures, click on the link below.