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The Last Puppies Go Home

The last puppy for sale went home last week.  Here are some photos we took while we still had the last two.  Of course, we are keeping one.German Shepherd Puppies 2C0A8757 2C0A8764 2C0A8769 2C0A8770 2C0A8778 2C0A8779 2C0A8789 2C0A8793 2C0A8796 2C0A8798 2C0A8801 2C0A8823 2C0A8832 2C0A8837 2C0A8854

This is Oakley, the one we are keeping2C0A8855 2C0A8864 2C0A8870

This little guy has the toy

2C0A8872 2C0A8877

Now he has a plan!

2C0A8891Nobody sees me.

Now you see me…..

2C0A8893 Now you don’t….

and away goes the toy!

2C0A8895 I’m back..2C0A8896 You’ll never guess what I’ve been up to…2C0A8898

Are you missing anything?


How does the cat do that?

He makes it look so easy.2C0A8917Happy Puppies!