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New Puppies Just Born!

At last we have puppies again! Here is the proud mama, Brink, taking a rest with her first four puppies. The first four got nice and fat from nursing before the fifth was born just a few minutes ago. I don’t think she is done, so will keeping watch all day.
This is Keeper’s first litter to sire, making this a very special bunch of puppies indeed.
The pedigree boasts of many of our best dogs: Cardinal, Jake, Max, Wessa, Sunny, Kindra, Piper, to name a few. Both parents, Brink and Keeper have plenty to boast about in their own right: Keeper now International Champion Keeper Von Hoffnung RN and Brink, who is in training as an HRD (Human Remains Detection Dog), in keeping with her Search and Rescue forebears.
So far it looks like we have several highly desirable bi color females and a few beautifully marked black and red girls. No boys have yet arrived.


German Shepherd Puppies IMG_0888