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Litter K

born October 5, 2007 to

Jake Vom Kanas

Dakota Vom Haus Kohl

The Proud Parents



Jake Vom Kanas

2 legs towards his CD Title, 4H Obedience Champion for 2007, OFA Good


Dakota Vom Haus Kohl, Penn Hip 80’th% (rated better than 80% of German Shepherds tested)

Both dogs have beautiful characteristics in structure and temperament. Both are being worked by our children in the County 4H program, speaking of their trainability and kind nature.

August 10, 2007, Jake and Dakota




Kokopelli4monthsold2Kokopelli, Ranch Companion, UtahKindrastance.3-18-09Kindra, Candle Hill Shepherds

Knicky-Easter-Morning Nate-and-Knicky-in-the-pool

Knicky, Service Dog, Phoenix, AZsablemaleb

Zettl, Ranch Dog/Companion, Washington


Keesha, Cattle Dog, Utah