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Jake and Macy’s Puppies Go Home


The black and red long coat puppy on the left, traveled the furthest to get home, all the way to Nashville, TN


This pup’s family flew in to the airport where I met them and then they took him home under their seat in the plane all the way to Colorado.  This is this family’s third Candle Hill Shepherd, the first of the THREES !


Another More Than One Club Member.   This one lives locally.


Another local pup!


This handsome male lives now in Western Washington!


This pup has gone international, now living in Alberta, Canada, where he will be guarding his family.


Another More Than One Club Member, dear Peggy and her grandson, traveled all the way from Southern California to get their pup.

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Image 1

Finally Olaf, who lives with his Idaho family, who came to get their second Candle Hill Shepherd pup, joining Lilly, from Macho and Kuma, who is one year old.  What fun for this family of five to add a new puppy two summers in a row!