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Hero’s son chases bear after playing dress up!

This story is worth its own blog post.

Koda“Just wanted to tell you a little story about Koda our beloved boy. First we have a major bear problem here. They have over run the area, coming into our yards, tearing everything up almost every night. Well one night, I was sitting on the porch going through emails on my laptop. Koda of course at my side. Everything was quiet and calm, when all the sudden, Koda jumps up growling, running towards our shed which backs to the woods. I look and what do I see but a huge black bear. Koda was already to him, jumped on his back, wrestled him to the ground. The bear managed to break free and run. Koda chased him until I guess he figured he was far enough away not be a danger to me. Then he comes back home proud as he could be.

Scared me to death. Thought my pup was going to be bear food.

The funniest part of it was that my youngest daughter and Koda had been playing dress up a bit earlier and Koda was in his pink and purple tutu when he went after this bear. Now when he came back, it was gone. So I’m guessing he lost in the battle.

He is my protector for sure, such a treasure to me. I just wanted to say that anyone looking for a friend, a protector, a companion, or whatever, look no further. Candle Hill is the place. Their dogs are the best I’ve seen.

Thank you so much for doing what you do.”


Image 1“He is a beauty for sure”  — Janice