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Happy Fourth of July!

Today we took the Cardinal/Mokka puppies, Boone and Koa (whom Hannah is raising for a client) to the little town of Bayview to watch the Parade.

IMG_1920 - Version 2

Koa does not appear to be overly impressed by the fire enginesIMG_1924

She is also not phased by all the people, the sirens, and activity.IMG_1925 IMG_1926

But Boone found something interesting.  What is it they are throwing from the trucks?


Whoever you are it does not matter.  You got some candy and I am interested.


Boone worked so hard to sit pretty so he could have some candy, too.  I gave him a dog biscuit instead, but that wasn’t nearly as much fun as candy flying from the trucks and bouncing on the pavement.

IMG_1932The puppies were a big draw with several people coming over to pay a visit.

Watching the Parade…and hoping for them to throw things again.

Hoping you had fun celebrating, too!