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Early Puppy Housebreaking

We are always trying something new.  Every now and then we hit on something so wonderful we want to tell everyone about it.

For some time we have had a big puppy room where the puppies have room to run around indoors, enough room that they learn to keep clean and to potty in one area only.  Now we have expanded on this idea, such that the one potty area with pine chips is clearly defined apart from the play areas where we now have fabric washable pads.  In our current litters, Bristol and Sunny’s and Mokka and Cardinal’s, all together now, and also the younger pups, only five weeks old, of Macho and Haven, we have this great set up for those times, especially night time, when they cannot be outside or with us playing in our living room.

All the puppies have learned already to do their business in the pine chip area only.  Clean up is so much easier!  But best of all, the puppies are learning at a very young age to keep clean and go potty only in the specified areas, not on the fabric.  What a breeze for housebreaking they will be!


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