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Dancelike Heeling with Koli

If you want to be inspired in your heeling training, you will love this video of Koli (Macho and Kuma 2013) heeling sent to us by her handler, Melissa.  Her note is below.  Thank you, Melissa!    I simply loved watching this!


Video of Koli Heeling





Hi Elizabeth!

Just wanted to send you a quick update and a couple pictures of Koli (Macho and Kuma 2013) taken this last weekend. She is an absolutely beautiful girl and we get compliments on her constantly. She stands 23-24 inches tall and is a very lean and muscled 70 lbs.
She is a girl that LOVES to work and we haven’t found a task that she cannot do. She performs service tasks around the house and has excelled at her obedience, rally, and nosework training. The main thing holding her back is my lack of time! She passed her CGC last December when she had just turned 6 months old! She is definitely ready for Rally competition, so hopefully I will have time to enter her soon, with AKC obedience to follow. Her ball and toy drive is unbelievable!

She has gone on numerous camping and canoe trips with us and is the perfect outdoor and active dog. We could not be more happy with this girl and are so lucky to have her in our lives.
I am also sending a video of some of her heeling training from this last winter when she was 8 months old. I think she (and I) have improved a lot since then, but I am still so proud of her in these clips! This is my first time training competition-level heeling, but I think she has beautiful IPO-type action, focus, and precision to her! But let me know what you think as well. It’s a little hard to judge here because it is inside and a small space. I’ll try to get some current video and have her outside!