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The Puppies Are Going Home

So many thanks to our Puppy Families and to the vast number of you wonderful people who have been referring our Breeding Program.  We appreciate each one of you so much as you join us in our endeavor to produce real quality German Shepherd Dogs and unite them with the best of possible homes.

The puppies from our Winter/Spring litters have been going home.  Many have traveled far to pick up their puppy, making sure it has the best possible start after the work we have put into each one’s early foundation.  Special thanks to each of you!

As you scroll through the pictures, make sure you go to the end to see one of Sunny/Bristol’s pups pack her own bags with her airline carry on carrier where she traveled under the seat on the plane with her new mom and dad.


IMG_4011 2C0A7266 IMG_4013


2C0A7391 Image

The reason for this picture of this puppy in his new home is to illustrate how clean these puppies are.  They have been carefully raised to have a good start in choosing to do their business in a specific area, so with continued careful rearing by their new owners, they should housebreak easily.  This puppy family has a great set up, which if they take the puppy outside regularly should result in a happy, clean puppy!

IMG_4361 IMG_4386



This little girl from Sunny and Bristol is ready to go.  She has her potty pad for her airline under the seat crate and is packing her bags!  Did we tell you our dogs are smart?  🙂

IMG_4071 IMG_4072 IMG_4074 IMG_4075 IMG_4076 IMG_4077


Time to go home!  Little Puppies, we will miss you, but we are so thankful that you have such wonderful homes, each and every one.  Thank you Puppy Families!