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October 30, 2008

Updates on Tag and Her Progeny


We are finally back after sometime of internet difficulties.  We’ve missed you!  Everything seems to be working well again and now your email updates are once again pouring in smoothly.

So much has happened since I last was able to write.  First, we have puppies expected any minute out of Max and Wessa.  Below you’ll see updates on Max’s dam, Tag, and his sister Annie, as well as Hank, Igor,  and Clue.  We also have two more litters coming up this fall, one repeat with Strongheart and Ulrika (the solid blacks) and Jake and Daila, beautiful red sables.

Here at Candle Hill, we are busy getting ready for a big Schutzhund competition coming up this Saturday.  Hero was all set to go for his Schutzhund I title, but in a freak accident he cut his front paw pad severely.  It is healing up now, but not in time to compete.  In the middle of my disappointment, I decided to enter Tag.  Tag, now eight years old, was trained in Schutzhund years ago though she never competed.  At this age, I am not pushing her to go over the required 39 inch high jump, so she might not title, still we are having fun working together again.  For a sweet old dog, she is right there in the protection work.

Here she is:


She must run around a far away blind and then into the blind where the helper is standing. Here she must hold him, guarding him lest he get away.


After I order the helper out of the blind.  Tag must watch him carefully.  On cue from the judge, he tries to run away.  She must, without any cue from me, run after him and forcefully stop him.


After stopping him, he fights with her to get away in what we call “the drive”.  He hits her twice with a padded stick during which time she must not let go.  I’m so proud of her.  She is such a dog of heart that the club members have given her the nickname “Buttercup”.  Tag has her BH, CD, and CDX titles in obedience as well as being a Search and Rescue Dog.

Meanwhile, some of her offspring are starting to bring home the titles, too.  Below is Annie from Litter A. Robin in Georgia writes: Annie got her Rally Excellent title on Saturday.  Her scores were 98, 95, and 96, and the last two were with a do-over each for 3 points off so would have been better.  Placed 1st at the GSD Specialty and then two 3rd places this past Friday and Saturday.  So now she has the three Rally titles: RN, RA, and RE, and her CD and her ASCA CD.

Here is Annie:

Next is Hank (C Litter of Tag and Dagger) who has achieved his CD Title, (CGC) Canine Good Citizen and (TDI) Therapy Dog International as well as being accomplished in Search and Rescue and Agility.


Below is Igor, brother to Max and Annie, son of Tag and Dagger (A Litter)


and finally Clue, out of Tag and Dagger’s C Litter.


This is just a fraction of the pictures which have been coming in.
Now that we are back on line, send us your pictures of your Candle Hill dogs, especially if you have one of Tag’s kids or grandkids.  We’ll add them to that new page.

My very best to you all,